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OTFL Executives19913 days agoObserver14 days ago
Scores Today012320 days agoOshawa Gleaner20 days ago
OTFL Finals Sunday at Maxwell starting at 8:30 am737220 days agoScott25 days ago
A B C Finals?221126 days agoFinals26 days ago
Scores Today317527 days agoProline27 days ago
Week 2 playoff schedule0276Sep 18thScottSep 18th
Maxwell0134Sep 17thOshawa GleanerSep 17th
Eastdale0Sep 17thOTFL Super FanSep 17th
Eastdale0Sep 17thOTFL Super FanSep 17th
Eastdale0Sep 17thOTFL Super FanSep 17th
Eastdale0Sep 17thOTFL Super FanSep 17th
Eastdale2207Sep 17thOTFL Super FanSep 17th
Week 1 playoffs1274Sep 13thScottSep 13th
Important message. PLEASE READ!!!0125Sep 12thScottSep 12th
Important message. PLEASE READ!!!095Sep 12thScottSep 12th
Matchups and Fields & Times2242Sep 12thPlayoffs!Sep 11th
Penalties2151Sep 12thTroubled fanSep 10th
Good Luck0113Sep 8thFootball GodSep 8th
Standings are up to date1162Sep 5thScottSep 5th
WEBSITE UPDATES STATS & SCORES2276Aug 31st????Aug 29th
Scores Today?5345Aug 30thFanAug 27th
Who's ready for the big boys6415Aug 28thCock nation Aug 25th
Power rankings3324Aug 30thOTFL Aug 24th
Alumni Game0116Aug 23rdETFL NationAug 23rd
Maxwell games of the week1243Aug 20thB division #1Aug 19th
Substance abuse7328Aug 20thDrug inspector Aug 15th
Weekly picks1225Aug 11thCaptain CockAug 10th
Unionville 0146Aug 10thThe Real BuzzAug 10th
Whitby Touch Fall League0141Aug 7thWMFL ExecAug 7th
Power rankings0185Aug 5thoTfL vetAug 5th
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