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Posted By: Rematch

Posted On: Jun 7th, 2019
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Bullets vs Untouchables

Last years final which was a one sided crushing bye the Bullets. Will see if tUntouchables can get off to a good start against the champs but my money is on the Bullets. With all the new teams I believe itís going to be a long year for Untouchables playing in A division with Killer Instict and the Hounds in the same pool for these guys . Bullets bye 14

Posted By: Insider

Posted On: Jun 8th, 2019
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RE: Bullets vs Untouchables

This is going to be a great year for the Untouchables, they have learned alot after last years finals. I see them surprising alot of teams this year. Beware....

Posted By: Dude

Posted On: Jun 9th, 2019
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RE: Bullets vs Untouchables

Untouchables beat bullets. Untouchables new pick ups looked good, while the Bullets didnít start their regular quarterback which made things a lot easier for the opposition. When scoop goes back behind centre it will be a whole different team.

KI had only 5 players show, if they have attendance issues like this going forward they will have a tough year, being said they still won with only 5 guys so hats off to them.

Any updates on scores from today?

Posted By: Al

Posted On: Jun 10th, 2019
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RE: Bullets vs Untouchables

I still have to go over these cards but unofficially this is what I see.
Untouchables over Bullets 15-13
Bullets over Wolves 40-0
Billy Goats over Oldsmobile's 7-6
KI over All Blacks 28-16
KI over Sharks 32-0
Oldsmobiles over Kings 20-7
Untouchables over OPC 35-8

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