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Posted By: Statistician ( Alec Puntus )

Posted On: Jun 7th, 2019
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Just a quick reminder to make sure all team reps check off each players name on the scorecard that attends that game. Players
will need to attend five (5) regular season games to be eligible to play in the playoffs. Players will only be credited with
the statistics that are on the card so make sure a rep or player checks with the refs after the game to make sure all of your
stats are present and correct. Injured players can acquire a game credit if they are present with their team during their game.
The Board of Education supplies us with the fields at no cost which keeps league fees down so please pick up your Gatorade
bottles,Timmies cups,water bottles, banana peels, tape and any other items your team may have brought. I will have garbage bags
in my vehicle so if you need one just let me know.
Good luck to all the teams and the players and have a great year.

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