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Posted By: Buzz Bezzant

Posted On: Mar 17th, 2021
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2021 OTFL Communications March

Just wanted to send a communications update and hope everyone is being safe and are well.

I wanted to reach out to you all today as we need to try this again and treat this as business as usual.

I realize with COVID-19 being so unpredictable and especially if the health officials and city permits allow us all to play safely come June. This is to be determined as we get closer.

So in the meantime we are asking to receive a Team deposit of $400 to hold your spots and to be etransfered to oshawafootball@gmail.com due on
Sunday April 25th. This will give each Team over a months time to communicate with your Team going forward on your commitment.

Of course just like last time, if we are not allowed permits and our league is canceled then all deposits are fully refundable.

We realize that these are tough times but we as as a league as mentioned, we need to treat it as business as usual so there is no last minute preparations to cause us delay in getting started. As you all can imagine there are alot of logistics to be implemented. The balance of the funds would be collected closer to season hopefully kicking off.

From an executive situation presently we have submitted the paperwork for permits with the present status as under review due to COVID.

Lastly Teams that softly confirmed back in January 2021 were: Hounds, Rivals, All Black's, Bullets, Billy Goats, Wolves, Cops and Venom.

If you are a new Team and are interested in coming aboard to register then feel free to email us at oshawafootball@gmail.com

We appreciate all your understanding and Support moving forward.

Yours in OTFL Football.
Be Safe and Take Care
Buzz & Executive

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