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Posted By: Captain Cock

Posted On: Jul 10th, 2019
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Weekly picks

Hello OTFL,

O capitao is back for another year of predictions. To make things easier on myself allow me to state that OPC will win every game while the Hawks... oh wait, what is your name? It doesnít matter what your name is. Wolves lose every game.

Here we go.

Wolves vs Kings

All joking aside, I think the Wolves will win this one. They have had some close games that just didnít go their way. Experience will prevail.

Wolves 20 Kings 6

Wolves vs Billygoats

This should be a one sided affair. Goats are good and the Wolves arenít.

Billygoats 40 Wolves 0

Untouchables vs Billygoats

Iíll go with the Untouchables in this one. Goats will be on game two against a good opponent which will be tough.

Untouchables 22 Billygoats 19

COPS vs Allblacks

Iím going to pick the COPS to win a close game.

COPS 14 Allblacks 13


OPC win.

Hounds bs Sharks

If the sharks are short handed they will have a very rough day.

Hounds 22 Sharks 13

Hounds vs KI

Second game of the day for the hounds will be the cause of this defeat.

KI 36 Hounds 14

Oldsmobile vs Bullets

Give me the champs in this one.

Bullets 28 Oldsmobile 13

Trojans vs Bullets

Fresh legs prevail again. Trojans win.

Trojans 21 Bullets 20

KI vs Trojans

KI wins this one.

KI 26 Trojans

Posted By: El Capitan

Posted On: Jul 12th, 2019
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RE: Weekly picks

Siesta week kicked off today, meaning that yours truly will be taking a nap. If you want to catch at touchdown come on by Henry Street high and watch our team sleep the morning away. Show time is 10:30. Come have some Portuguese cuisine along with a good time. Hope to see some of you there. Also, there is a noise restriction so if I hear any of you trying to wake me beware. We are located on Henry street high north field just east of Annes street.

Happy Siesta Day!

Posted By: Captain Cock

Posted On: Jul 12th, 2019
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RE: Weekly picks

LOL!!!! Thatís damn good. Now Iím gonna have to fandango your asses.

Posted By: Billygoats nation

Posted On: Jul 13th, 2019
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RE: Weekly picks

Sorry Captain but the goats will be laying a beating on untouchables Sunday..

Posted By: Captain Cock

Posted On: Jul 13th, 2019
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RE: Weekly picks

No need to apologize. It wouldnít be a shock to see the Goats win.

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