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Posted By: The Insider

Posted On: Jul 15th, 2009
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Week #6 Bye Teams

Why are 4 teams not playing this weekend when none of the teams or players are going to Ottawa?

Posted By: Not True

Posted On: Jul 15th, 2009
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RE: Week #6 Bye Teams

6 All Blacks play for the Killer Beezzzz (going to Ottawa), 2 Lancers play for Killer Beezzzz, 1 Lancer is a Toronto Raider, 5 or 6 Buckeyes are Toronto X-men as of 2 weeks ago, Rogues go to tournaments, several Rogues are Burlington Spartans.

Why do you care? Those teams end up playing double headers later on. It was discussed pre-season and has been done in the past. Before all teams had a bye, now just teams that requested it pre-season have it. They have the bye so their players or team had the option to go to the tournament and it wouldn't hurt them in Oshawa, whether they go is up to them. The league is a TFO sanctioned league.

Posted By: ASSUME

Posted On: Jul 15th, 2009
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RE: Week #6 Bye Teams

Because they are going to Ottawa

Posted By: I Know This One

Posted On: Jul 15th, 2009
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RE: Week #6 Bye Teams

Many teams pass on Ottawa but at times if they are short on Tournament points they decide to go last minute because so many points are required to enter the Provincials. Points are awarded for entering tournaments as well as wins. I know the Beezzzz weren't planning on going but after Kingston they decided to go to pick up some points.

Posted By: Lancers3

Posted On: Jul 16th, 2009
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RE: Week #6 Bye Teams

1 Lancer is also a WP Jaguar headed to Ottawa

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