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Posted On: Jul 15th, 2009
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Week 5 review



First game highlights ? All Blacks VS Crew

Matt Chang of the All Blacks continued his reign of terror on the OTFL this season, with another spectacular performance on both sides of the ball in this one. Chang scored 19 points and added to his league leading sack total with 3 on the day, leading the undefeated All Blacks to a 48-0 victory over the expansion Crew. Mark Spoorenburg followed his teammates all around performance with a stellar all around showing himself, scoring 8 points, and intercepting two passes. Dave Chappelle showed some nice hands for the Crew, who are still looking for their first win on the season. Chang and Spoorenburg both move into a tie for second in league scoring with 38 points, with Chang leading the league with 17 sacks.

Second game highlights ? Renegades VS Raiders

The up and coming Renegades made another step in the race to the playoffs, with a convincing 39-0 win over the Raiders. The offence and defence were both superb for the ?Gades on this day, as QB Dave Spackman led a balanced offence led by Adam Brown and Vaughn Blanchard. Andy Miller and Mike Stoter led the Renegades defence with a combined 3 INT?s on the day, with Stoter smashing some huge kickoffs, burying the Raiders deep in their own end time and time again. Chris Goddard had some nice catches and fancy footwork for the Raiders who like the Crew, are still seeking their first triumph of the campaign. Watch for the Renegades to make a hard push as we gear up for the playoff run.


First game highlights - Rogues VS Hounds

The reigning OTFL champions continue to build momentum after an opening day shocker with their strong showing against the Hounds on this day. Brandon Pottle continued to play efficiently at QB for the Rogues, who won their fourth straight game, shutting out the Hounds 33-0. Sasha Glavic and Dave Thomas led the way for the 4-1 Rogues; combining for 18 points, 1 INT, and 1 sack. Steve Halvorson led a Hounds attack that struggled to find their groove against a tough defensive squad, but should bounce back after some impressive offensive showings this season. Hounds move to 2-3, while the Rogues move to 4-1 and a share of second place with the Buckeyes.

Second game highlights - 'OTFL Game of the Week' Hosers VS Lancers

The the 'OTFL' Game of the week it was the battle of two evenly matched teams, not surprisingly enough being tied in the standings at 2-2. And the game proved to be everything it was billed up to be, with the Hosers squeezing by the speedy Lancers 16-12. Ben Blanche continues to shine for the expansion firefighters, who continue on their impressive start to the season, contributing 12 points, and 1 INT on the day. The points introduce himself to the front page of the statistics, moving into 4th place in the league in scoring, ahead of last year's scoring champ Chris (TO) Pierre. Arun Sriskandarajh and Jermaine I replied for the Lancers, and with Jermaine sacking Blance twice in the game, it moved him onto that front page of the stats and into 5th place in sacks in the OTFL. The Hosers move to 3-2, and the Hounds head in the opposite direction, falling to 2-3 on the season.

Third game highlights - Hawks VS Buckeyes

The Hawks were looking to bounce back after a tough loss against the Renegades last week against the Buckeyes, who were also looking to regain their form after a heartbreaking loss to the All Blacks. The Hawks came out strong in the first half with Hawks QB Scott (Tuna aka Mystery Man aka OTFL Pres) Elkington and JJ McCallum leading them to a 7-6 half time lead. The Buckeyes received some late arriving teammates around half time, and surged ahead after the break, scoring 21 unanswered points, and winning 27-7. Young Dylan Goulet led the charge for the Buckeyes with 13 points for the game, and a spectacular catch that those involved in the game said could be catch of the year (look in pictures section, week 5, bottom of page, nice sequence). Buckeyes move into a second place tie with the Rogues, and the Hawks drop to 2-3 on the season.



All Blacks 48 Crew 0
Renegades 39 Raiders 0


Hounds 0 Rogues 33
Lancers 12 Hosers 16
Hawks 7 Buckeyes 27

Posted By: The scoop

Posted On: Jul 15th, 2009
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RE: Week 5 review

Oh boy the Rogues have found themselves another Glavic brother on the roster. Looks like a championship defense is very likely once big QB Glavic gets back and Brandon heads back to receiver.

Posted By: ME

Posted On: Jul 15th, 2009
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RE: Week 5 review

If the older Glavic manages to get his 5 games in.

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