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Posted By: Scott

Posted On: Sep 10th, 2012
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Playoffs - Round 1


9:00 am Buckeyes v. All Blacks
10:30 am Bull Dogs v. Lancers

Maxwell Heights

9:00 am Hawks v. Untouchables
10:30 am Hounds v. OTFL
12:00 noon OPC v. Cowboys

The reason there is only 2 "A" games is the Raiders have an outstanding foreit fee which disqualifies them from playing in further games until it is paid. The deadline for this payment is Wednesday Sept. 12th, 2012. If the fee is paid by this date the "A" bracket will be altered.



Posted By: ???

Posted On: Sep 13th, 2012
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RE: Playoffs - Round 1

Will referees/league execs be verifying games played in order to be eligible for playoffs this weekend? So sense having a rule if it isn't enforced right!?

Posted By: Scott

Posted On: Sep 13th, 2012
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RE: Playoffs - Round 1

Yes it will be enforced.

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