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Posted By: Buzz

Posted On: Sep 2nd, 2012
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Week 11 in review

Sadly, summer has almost come to an end; with that, our OTFL season is almost at the last of it's amazing chapter.

With week 11 of 12 upon us we (the OTFL Family of Ballers) have had an exciting season. We've had returning teams, new teams and merging ones to make this league a success and we the Executive thank you for all coming aboard.

Some quick Coles notes on the Stats world:
Unofficially in the Top Scorer category we have Brandon Clark (Hounds) 102 pts; Dave Zmozsynski (Bulldgs) 84; fellow Bulldog Krys Saunders with 78 pts. With the Bull Dogs having finished their regular season games, it is a safe bet to say Brandon Clark has taken this title to give him yet another Individual Award.

Defensively, Interceptions has the Hounds' Esteban Correa with a double digit 11 INT's and teammate Brandon Clark with 7 INT's. The Sacks category gives us another Hounds' player, Jordan Clark tied with OPC's Daniel Olivera at19 a piece.

On to the games....
Week 11 brought us 9 games to report on across the greater Oshawa Region.

Starting north of the OTFL border part of town we report from Maxwell Heights.

Game # 1
Rogues vs All Blacks
In this match up, we have two experienced squads with a load of talent. The Rogues had 6 players contribute to the cause welcoming back Marko Glavic (after winning 2 Euro Cups from overseas). Glavic had 6 points and 1 INT in his return, while teammates Andrew Brimpong, Dave "Mouse" Thomas, Drew Pottle and Ryan Stephens all scored TD's. Defensively, Mart Einer had an INT. For the All Blacks, it was the Father and Son Duo of Tony Chang and Matt Chang with 12 points combined, and Jay Coulas with 1 INT as the stars of the game. Not enough for the All Blacks to succeed in a win.
Final Score: Rogues 32 All Blacks 12
All Blacks - Tony Chang (O), Desmond Johnson (D) & MSL Buzz (Me) Bezzant
Rogues- Dave Thomas (O), James Leckey (D) & MSL Drew Pottle

Game #2s
Steelers vs All Blacks
Steelers proved again why they are one of the top contenders, having doubled the All Blacks total score. Steelers' main scorer of the day was Jason Segree with 12 points, while Andrew "Speedy" Blair and Travis "Shifty and all up-Hill" came up with 6 points a piece. INTS came from Mike Barleben and Andrew Blair. Even though the All Blacks were warmed up and ready to go again, were only able to put 12 points up on the board courtesy of Che Lafoy and Matt Chang scoring TD's. Defensively for the All Blacks' Heinz Stork had 1 INT.
Final Score: Steelers 24 All Blacks 12
All Blacks- Matt Chang (O), Des Johnson (D) & MSL Tony Chang
Steelers - Travis Hill (O), Andrew Blair (D) & MSL Mike Smith

Game # 3
Buckeyes vs Steelers
Appears the Buckeyes were running with a small squad and had to pick up players to avoid forfeit. Neil Maki got a TD, with Frank Wilson scoring the convert. Borrowed player - Drew Pottle got an INT for the game, but it won't be transferred over to the official scoreboard. Matt Rafuse and Rick Nurse also got in an INT on the game, but being true Buckeyes, their points will transfer to the overall stats. Word on the street is Steelers' backup QB, Al Puntus, stepped in after regular QB Dave Bye took the win in their earlier game. Mike Smith scored their only TD. Goddard brothers, Kevin and Chris, each with an INT of their own; and Andrew Blair managed a Sack. Could it be that the Steelers knew they were already in a great position for playoffs and took the chance to only run at half tilt for their second game of the day? Something to ponder........
Final Score: Buckeyes 8 Steelers 6
Buckeyes - [borrowed] James Lecky (O), Chris Pierre (D) & MSL Matt Rafuse
Steelers - Mike Smith (O), Chris Goddard (D) & MSL Travis Hill

Now onto Vanier High for all you Ole School Ballers (and for the Newbies - Central ;) )

Game # 1
Hawks vs OTFL
Our biggest scorer on this day was Hawks' Ben Blanche as he hammered out a total of 31 points - will have to check the League's stat record history for points scored in one game, but that's pretty impressive. Also scoring for the Hawks were Matt Siekowski and Frank Katradis with 6 points each. Jeff Hernandez was stellar on defense getting 3 sacks.
OTFL's Nick Forris got top honours for his contribution with a score along with Travis Hernandez with a sack.
Final score: Hawks 45 OTFL 6
OTFL - Nick Ferris (O), Travis Hernandez (D) & MSL Paul Hernandez
Hawks - Ben Blanche (O), Jeff Hernandez(D) & MSL Drew Walker

Game # 2
Untouchables vs Mustangs
When these two clubs meet, we are guaranteed a close match. With both squads evenly balanced, only our OTFL football Gods would define the outcome. Mustangs' Ian Campbell was a star on offence and defense as he chalked up 5 sacks and 10 points, along with Andrew Brown getting a score. While on the Untouchables' side, Ryan Forde scored 12 points and Andrew Williams had 8 points. It looks like the Untouchables' defense made the difference in this win, as Andrew Williams had 2 INT's as well as Nkosi Adams with 1 INT, and Jermaine James added 2 sacks. WOW what a battle.
Final score: UT's 20 Mustangs 16
Mustangs - All across the board Ian Campbell
Untouchables - Ryan Forde (O), Andrew Williams (D) & MSL Jermaine James

Game # 3
Mustangs vs Hounds
This was a grudge match, with both teams giving 110% until the end. For the Stangs', Ian Campbell had energy to spare on this second game of a double header; he chalked up another 13 points plus a sack on the day. The Hounds' had league leading scorer, Brandon Clark, as well as Esteban Correa with 6 points each - Esteban added to the scoreboard an additional 2 points for convert. Defensively, Aaron Johnson had 1 INT and Jordan Clark and Matt Robinson both added a sack.
Final score: Hounds 14 Mustangs 14
Hounds - Esteban Correa (O) and Matt Robinson capturing both D & MSL.
Mustangs - Andrew Brown (O), Ken Lee (D) & MSL Ian Campbell

Last set of games come from home field of the Eagles @ Eastdale.

Game # 1
OPC vs Cowboys
We have our B division 4th and 5th place teams going head-to-head, in what was almost a carbon copy of the Stangs/Hounds battle with two evenly matched squads fighting till the end. Cowboys' Adam King and Chris Graham both scoring to give their squad 13 points total. There were no sacks or INT's to convert on for the Cowboys which allowed the OPC to just get ahead.
OPC's high scorer, Ryan Henriques, scored 13 points and Dave "hands" Chapelle added a 1 point convert plus an interception. Daniel Oliveria pressured the Cowyboys' QB with 3 sacks on the day.
Final score in a tight, tight battle: OPC 14 Cowboys 13
Cowboys - Adam King (O), Mike Cooper (D) & MSL Dave Griffith
OPC - Ryan Henriques (O), Daniel Oliveria (D) & MSL Dave Chapelle

Game #2
Buckeyes vs Lancers
I am sorry to report that this battle was all one-sided with the Lancers' missing their main QB Jay Steinberg.
Buckeyes had all the stats in this tilt as Chris Pierre, Matt Rafuse, Frank Wilson and Rick Nurse all scoring their own TD. Defensively Frank Wilson, Marlon Wong and Matt Rafuse all had 1 sack each and Matt Raf with 1 INT.
Final score: Buckeyes 26 Lancers 0
Lancers- Allen Szeto (O), Rob Grey (D) & MSL Steve Newman
Buckeyes - Matt Rafuse (O), Fran? (D) & MSL Mike "Raf" Rafuse

Game #3
Raiders vs Bull Dogs
Raiders called up with a last minute forfeit resulting in no game played. Unfortunate way to end the regular season for both these teams, and especially for Dave Zmozynski and Krys Saunders who had stood a chance at the League's Top Scoring title.
Final Score: Bull Dogs 7 Raiders 0

Well, now with long weekend ahead of us and only one regular season week left for some, let's enjoy the rest! Good luck for those playing in next week's battles in the OTFL or in the TFONT Provincials in Belleville. While the rest of us refuel and focus ourselves for the Playoff picture that we are all going to paint on the field.

Ending in a famous quote:
"On any given Sunday you're gonna win or you're gonna lose. The point is can you win or lose like a man?" - Tony D'Amato

Posted By: WORD UP

Posted On: Sep 3rd, 2012
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RE: Week 11 in review

Thanks Buzz! You are the sir of all sirs. Great writeup!

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Posted On: Sep 3rd, 2012
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RE: Week 11 in review

Shouldn't you be calling Travis "over the" Hill by now? :)

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