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Posted By: KA

Posted On: Aug 25th, 2012
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this weeks picks...

Rogues vs All Blacks
given that its this late in the season, its safe to say: easy win for the Rogues... tough start to a tough day for the All Blacks....

Steelers vs All Blacks
another tough match up for the All Blacks who, im sure, wont have enough steam left to put up many points... the steelers will win this with little effort.

Buckeyes vs Steelers
i see the buckeyes giving a bit more of a fight than the All Blacks will for the steelers.. but i still dont see it being enough for a win.. give me the steelers.

Hawks vs OTFL
well.... there wouldnt be a better time (or opportunity) for OTFL to get a win on the scoreboard... and as much as i would love that for them, i just dont see it happening... give me the hawks to take this one (but i see it being close..)

Untouchables vs Mustangs
hrmmm...... earlier in the season i thought it would be these 2 going head-to-head in the playoffs... dont think that now though... (unless the hounds screw up huge).... mustangs will take this one...

Mustangs vs Hounds
so exciting... i see this being the B championship matchup.. completely... i want the hounds to win.. but not too sure if they will be able to take the cake.. so i will pick the mustangs for this one.. HOWEVER... i see the hounds taking notes and making their next meet much closer and possibly be taken in another direction.

Buckeyes vs Lancers
hard to say..... two very unpredictable teams... not too sure if the lancers will have their regular QB there? and for that uncertainty.... i will say the buckeyes to take this... possibly by a lot.

OPC vs Cowboys
OPC has proven they are not the same team they were last year... they came out to win.... and they will do that, yet again, over the cowboys.

Raiders vs Bull Dogs
bull dogs.... easily..

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