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Posted By: Kelly

Posted On: Aug 20th, 2012
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Hello ladies & gentlemen...

We have just received the Banquet tickets, fresh from the printers.

The Banquet will be held following the championship games - Sunday, September 30, 2012 @ 1:30 - 4:30 - Bull Dog Pub (600 Grandview Street South, Oshawa)

A delicious variety of buffet food will be available for you all to enjoy (vegetarians, be happy -- we have kept you in mind during the selections). The buffet will be complimentary for all qualifying OTFL members [5 regular season games played]. Should you choose to order off the menu, you are responsible for your own bill (this goes for beverages as well).

Same as last year, we will be selling tickets to the Banquet. These will be a $10 charge, which will be refunded at the door for all qualifying OTFL players. For your convenience, Scott will have these on him at all times. Swing by wherever the Hawks are on Sunday (or at the co-ed field next Monday). He will also make appearances at other fields on Sundays, but no promises for the time. If you would like us to set some aside for you, email us at info@oshawafootball.com with your name, team name, number of tickets. We will deliver them to you next Sunday (mens)/Monday(co-ed). We will only hold them aside until the next game day... if you do not pay for them then, that hold will be released.

Tickets can be purchased for non-OTFL members as well - the $10 will not be refunded, but instead used for the cost of their buffet meal. If they do not want to eat the buffet, and order off the menu - they are still responsible for their own bill..... sorry.. but thems be the rules... makes it easier for everyone [exec and staff].

This is an exclusive event! The Bull Dog Pub has graciously offered to shut the place down for us and make it a private affair. The doors will re-open at 4:30 to the public, at which time you are still more than welcome to stay and watch the football games over some beer with your teammates.

There will be the 7 player incentive draw which has become an OTFL must... for those who don't recall this, you want to encourage 7 qualifying OTFL teammates to attend the banquet with you... should your name be drawn, and you have 7+ players, you will receive a $300 gift certificate off your 2013 League Fees.

There will be a maximum of 120 tickets sold. I stress: IF YOU DO NOT HAVE A TICKET, YOU WILL NOT BE ALLOWED IN... no exceptions.. it is the only way that we can make this run smoothly. We have near to 300 players within the 2 leagues.... for those of you who are doing the math, this means less than half will be able to make it in the doors. Historically, this has not been too much a problem.. but with the League growing, and with our banquets getting better and better --- you will want to make sure you get your ticket. Last year, we did sell out.... there were only 5 tickets remaining for "at the door", and those went quick. We WILL NOT have any reserved for "at the door" this time.. that was just to get you all used to the new banquet procedures (its all about the headcounts).

In the same regard, if you buy a ticket and don't show up... too bad... we are preparing a buffet for the number of tickets sold. We are paying per person for the number of tickets sold. If you don't show up, you won't get a refund.... so if you buy a ticket and know in advance you won't be able to make it to the banquet - i reckon you try to sell it to someone who hasn't gotten one yet.

no scalping though.... that's just silly....

if you have any questions - shoot them over to info@oshawafootball.com

Things to look out for at the Banquet:
--- Door Prizes
--- 50/50 Draw
--- MVP awarded
--- Glen Davis Award
--- Individual Awards
--- Team Awards
--- *NEW* Awards [shhh! secret!]
--- Picks Winner awarded $$
--- $300 7+ Player Team Draw
--- Free Beer for every 5 teammates(max. 10 teammates)
--- Free Food
--- Great time with fellow ballers...... priceless

ps. you guys are gonna love the prizes this year... you spoke, we listened... i say no more.

Posted By: kelly

Posted On: Aug 21st, 2012
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ohhh i lied... 4:00pm is when Bull Dog Pub reopens to the public.. but still you can stay if you want...

we changed it based on having been done by 4pm in previous years...

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