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Posted By: Written by Buzz; Posted late by Scott

Posted On: Aug 20th, 2012
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What's the Buzz in the OTFL (Week 9)

Hello again fellow OTFL fans and readers. This past weekend marked a smaller pact of battles due to some Tfont tournament play.

Wow I must say that this 2012 season has flown by and we only have 3 weeks to go before "Crunch Time" when everyone must pull together as every down, throw, catch and Defensive play will make the difference.

There are tight races in both divisions, in the ?A? division the 3 top teams are setting the pace. The Bull Dogs lead the way with their 7 wins and 1 tie, the Steelers and Rogues are following close behind with 7 wins a piece. In the ?B? division the Hounds, Mustangs and Untouchables are fighting for positioning. As mentioned no matter where your team places, in the end anything can happen on "any given Sunday".

In the scoring race the Hounds? Brandon Clark has an unconverted TD lead with 84 points over Bulldogs Dave Zmozynski (78 points). In third place is the Steelers? Chad Mallen with a very respectable 75 points. The Bull Dogs? Krys Saunders (65 points) and the Untouchables Ryan Forde (58 points) round out the top 5.

In the Sack group the Hounds? Jordan Clark (17) has a 1 sack lead over OPC's Daniel Oliveria. The Hawks? Jeff Hernandez completes the top 3 with an impressive 12 sacks.

Another tight race in the Interceptions category as Esteban Correa and, multiple past interception champion, Brandon Clark are in a grid lock tie at 7 interceptions a piece. The best part about this race is that both players are from the Hounds. OTFL?s Jordan Hischer is hot on their tails with 6 interceptions.

Just McLovin with 3 weeks left how tight these races are. Wonder if there is any side bets on the rise?

Now onto my reporting of this past weekend?s 3 games @ Maxwell Heights.

Game #1
OPC vs Hounds
For a game that had a lot of balance on both sides of the ball, it really came down to a close score in the end as the Hounds had 3 scorers on the day giving them the upper hand in this battle. The Hounds? Aaron Johnson and Steve Halvorson both had a TD and Geoff Bird had a 2 pt convert. D wise for the Hounds Esteban Correa and Matt Robinson had a INT and Jordan Clark had another sack to hold his lead.
OPC who are still playing 110% down after down had Ryan Henriques with the only score of the day and Derek Ginter and Skippy each had 1 INT.
Hounds 14 OPC 6
OPC O- Ryan Henriques, D- Derek Ginter, MSL -Dave Chapelle
Hounds O- Steve Halvorson, D-Geoff Bird, MSL- Scott Bird

Game # 2
OTFL vs Cowyboys
The OTFL squad made a lot of great defensive plays in this game but were not able to capitalize on these plays and turn them into points. OTFL ballers William O'Reilly had 2 large picks, while teamates James McWaters and Jordan Hischer each had a sack. For the Cowboys, Adam King led the team with 14 points while Dave Griffith and Kevin Henry both had TD's as well. I still like the OTFL?s chances come playoff time as long as they are able to keep getting all of their guys out. Keep on trucking guys.
Final Score: Cowboys 27 OTFL 7
OTFL O- Pul Medeiros, D-William O'Reily, MSL-Jordan Hischer
Cowboys - O-D & MSL Our first time Triple All Star Dave Griffith way to go Davey !!

Game #3
Hawks vs Untouchables
I predicted this one to be a tight battle, and that was exactly what it. For the Hawks Frank Katradis scored 7 points, while on D Matt Siekowski stepped up with a nice INT. The Untouchables though had 3 scorers on the day with Jason Joeph and Nkosi Adams both putting up 6 points while Khary Adams added another 2. Jermaine James also contributed on D with 1 INT.
Final Score in a tight one: Untouchables 14 Hawks 7
Hawks O- Frank Katradis, D-Matt Siekowski, MSL-Geoff Hughes
Untouchables O-Jason Joseph,D-Greg LaChance, MSL-Jelani Adams

Well fellow ballers, as I mentioned there is no turning back now with only 3 weeks to play. Anything can happen as football is a unpredictable sport sometimes.

Here's to seeing you all on the gridiron and wishing all my fellow ballers and fans good luck for the remainder of their 2012 OTFL journey.

Lastly a Famous Quote to remember: "Baseball is for fathers and sons. Football is brothers beating each other up in the backyard" (D.H.)

Yours in Whats the Buzz in the OTFL signing off


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