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Posted By: John Anthony

Posted On: Aug 18th, 2012
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So I missed last week and I'm super late this week. :(. My apologies to all of my devoted fans. Next week I promise to try my hardest to get my picks in Thursday (or Friday at the latest).

Well enough wallowing onto the picks.


Buckeyes v. All Blacks.

Both of these teams teams are so inconsistent and hard to predict. I'll take the Buckeyes in a tough one.

Rogues v. Buckeyes

A little easier here but not much as the Rogues are a bit of an enigma as well. Got to go with the odds in this one and they say take the Rogues.

Bull Dogs v. Rogues.

My favourite team really let me down the last week they played. Sure it was a close game but a loss is still a loss. They did make easy work of the Rogues in their first game however so based on that I'll take them in a close one.

OPC v. Untouchables

Untouchables seems to be getting the hang of things lately in the OTFL, even though they did just squeak by the Hawks last week. Still I look for them to be able to get back on track and take care of OPC this week.

Hawks v. Mustangs

Mustangs are looking more and more like they don't even belong in this division. They should win out easily. Give me the Mustangs

Cowboys v. Mustangs

See above. Mustangs

Raiders v. Steelers

See above but switch Mustangs with Raiders and win out with lose out. Give me the Steelers.

Steelers v. Lancers

If the Lancers have their A team out they have a chance but either way give me the Steelers.

Lancers v. Raiders

Again see above. Lancers.

OTFL v. Hounds

Will this be the week for OTFL??? Not likely but I'm routing for them. Give me the Hounds.


Posted By: Ocho Stinko

Posted On: Aug 18th, 2012
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RE: picks

That sucked. If your going to be that
boring, don't bother.

Posted By: kelly

Posted On: Aug 19th, 2012
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RE: picks

ouch.. tough crowd... im glad ocho stinko didnt reply to my picks..

good to have you back JA...im happy you got some picks in, even if they werent as detailed as weve come to expect from you...

secretly.. i was hoping you would miss this week entirely to make up for the week i missed.... booooo...

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