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Posted By: KA

Posted On: Aug 18th, 2012
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This week's Picks

Well.... after my vacation - i am fully refreshed and ready to steal the prognosticator title back from JA.... hopefully by initiating, he will follow suit to put in some picks of his own this week?

Let's get down to business.....


Buckeyes vs All Blacks
These two have been pretty comparable not only this year, but the past couple.... so it really is a tough one to predict and lies heavily on who the hell is going to grace us with their presence. I will take the Buckeyes for this win with no other reason than to say "Gut Feeling".

Rogues vs Buckeyes
The Rogues will take this one... not only are they a better team, they are taking on the Buckeyes on the tail end of a double header... hopefully the Rogues don't exert themselves too much - need to save something for the tougher contenders in the next game.

Bull Dogs vs Rogues
Easily the match up of the day....... I know if JA puts in picks, he will stick with his puppy love and put a vote in for the Bull Dogs... it seems logical, since the Rogues have just had a solid match up moments before...... BUT.... the Rogues are stellar athletes who are damn adjusted to giving a day of football... i would love for the Rogues to take this, but based on the last time these two teams went head-to-head, i am gonna put my money on the Bull Dogs for the win.... but not a lot of money.... it aint a sure enough bet ;)


OPC vs Untouchables
sigh.. what to do.. what to do... these two keep surprising me.... the cocks keep performing better than I expect... and untouchables keep doing worse... that leaves these two about as even to me as the buckeyes/all blacks in the A.... .. my gut says Untouchables, but my heart wants OPC..... .. sooooooo.. i guesssssssssss... i will take my heart and say OPC. ive got all fingers and toes crossed for this one... don't make me regret my decision for the cocks.

Hawks vs Mustangs
sorry scott.... you sit beside me reading this as i type.. but.. i have mustangs and hounds in #1 and #1 spots (not respectively, no idea how that will play out), so that obviously means you and your birds dont stand a chance against them stallions... mustangs will take this.... would it be wrong to say effortlessly?

Mustangs vs Cowboys
youd think the cowboys would easily handle their trusty companions the mustangs... but these bucking broncos will be quick to flip the cowboys off their backs and run hard for a ridiculous win... ahem.. RIDICULOUS win... (it needed more emphasis)


Raiders vs Steelers
Steelers.. this time it wont be nearly as rewarding for the steelers though - they have already proven themselves... this time, im sure it will be a game moreso fueled by pity than revenge. go easy on them, steelers, you have to keep yourselves strong for the lancers.

Steelers vs Lancers
hit and miss lancers.... strong and steady steelers... i will give the lancers 1 win today, but it wont be in this match up..... steelers for a much closer game win than their previous match up.

Raiders vs Lancers
i will show some remorse for the raiders.. its tough to play a game, then sit through another until your next match. okay.. enough being nice... in good ol' mortal combat fashion, "Lancers, finish them!"

OTFL vs Hounds
well..... in case it hasnt been clearly expressed... i love me my hounds... this week will be an easy one for the hounds to get some cushion points on the stats page... just, be the gentlemen i know you guys to be, and don't run up the score on our poor OTFL team.... a note to the OTFL boys, don't be discouraged... don't be shocked if you get approached by other teams for them to draft you for next year... this is a great opportunity for the others to see who these new guys are, and what you all are capable of..... and im seeing a couple of you being drafted into the 'A' EASILY!!!! (A teams, you better get your claws out there quickly.... never too early to start fixing up the 2013 roster)

so.. with this being said....

go win &/or lose!!! :)

Posted By: kelly

Posted On: Aug 19th, 2012
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RE: This week's Picks

whoops! meant mustangs and hounds as #1 and #2...

i need more vacation time... ;)

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