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Posted By: Buzz

Posted On: Aug 10th, 2012
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What's the Buzz in the OTFL (Week 8)

My fellow OTFL Ballers, from what I have seen on the scorecards and the website, it was another exciting week of football. With the looooong weekend and the Unionville Tourney coming up, many teams will be enjoying a well-deserved rest.

In the Stats world of the OTFL we have a tight race on the points board between Brandon Clark (84 pts), Dave Zmozynski (78 pts) and Chad Mallen (78 pts). Look for Krys "The Professor" Saunders to be nipping at the heels of these ballers in the weeks to come. On the ?D? side, the Hounds? twin brothers, Jordan and Brandon Clark, have set the bar high with 16 sacks and 7 interceptions respectively. Daniel Oliveira from OPC also has 16 sacks while Esteban Correa, yet another Hound, sits 2nd in the interception race with 6. All 3 stat races are totally up for grabs.

In the ?B? division, it?s a Smokey and the Bandit Race (for those that are old enough to know this movie) with a tight 4 team race between the Mustangs (6-0-0), Hounds (6-2-0), OPC (5-3-0) and Untouchables (5-3-0). On the other half of the ?B? list the Hawks, Cowboys and OTFL are trailing behind. My gut is telling me that these squads will turn things around in the last part of the season, however, I will have to check with my source John Anthony.

In the ?A?, WOW! Ruff! Ruff! The Bulldogs (7-2-1), the new Bend-but-Don't-Break Steelers squad (7-1-0) and the Traditional Rogues (7-2-0) are making it a tight finish. The All Blacks are at 500 and the Buckeyes are nearing 500, while the Lancers and Raiders are doing their very best to bump these squads out of their spots.

Now onto the post-game report: 10 games to report on so buckle your seat belts and keep everything inside for the ride.

Let?s travel north of the OTFL border and report on the 4 games @ Maxwell.

Game # 1
Raiders vs Buckeyes
With 6 Buckeyes contributing to the scoring side vs the 1 scoring Raider, this was a tough, tough way for the Raiders to start a double header. The one positive in this tilt is the 45 yard TD by Kevin " Speedy" Cato. On the Buckeyes? side, Chris ?TO? Pierre and Tim Wray had 12 points each, Phil Dehaney had 8 pts and 2 sacks. Oh, and what?s this? TO also had a pick?
Final Score: Buckeyes 44 Raiders 6
Raiders: (O) K Grant, (D) T Phillips & Lorin capturing MSL.
Buckeyes: (O) Mike "RAF", (D) Chris Pierre & Matt Wood MSL

Game # 2
We had the Buckeyes on a back-to-back battle against the Steelers. Not sure if it?s just my observation, but teams who have more than 4 ballers contributing to the cause normally have the upper hand in these tilts. But on a large positive, the Buckeyes had Marlon Wong scoring all 12 points while reliable Chris Pierre had another INT. But on this any given Sunday the Steelers took this one with 3 ballers all scoring 6 pts each (Alec Puntus, Doug Mayberry and Neal Robinson). I won't blame the weather this time for the Buckeyes? loss, but instead attribute it to their double header ;)
Final Score: Steelers 34 Buckeyes 12
MVP's: Buckeyes (O) Marlon Wong (D) Phil Delany & MSL Timmy Wray
Steelers: (O) Dave Bye, (D) Neal Robinson & MSL Alec Puntus

Game # 3
Bulldogs vs Steelers
It is unfortunate that I was unable to see this battle play out - this would have been one for the ages. One of my favourite squads, the Bulldogs, again represent and keep the game of football exciting for us all. Chris Heath had a great day with 12 pts, while Jermaine Clarke and Krys Saunders contributed 7 pts and 6 pts respectively. On the Steelers? side, Chad "Scoop" Mallen was my baller of the day with a monstrous 20 pts for his team. Geoff Johnson and Travis Hill added a total of 9 more pts helping the Steelers to break across the finish line by 1 point to defeat the Bulldogs.
Final Score: Steelers 29 Bulldogs 28
MVP's: Bulsldogs (O) Chris Heath, (D) Bryant Trotman & MSL Travis Thomas
Steelers: (O) Dave Bye, (D) Travis Hill & MSL Neal Robinson

Game # 4
Lancers vs Bulldogs
With both teams doing double-header duties, this battle came down to the squad that made the fewest mistakes. The Lancers? high scorers were Allen Szeto with (8 pts), Nathan Wong (6 pts) and Robbie Grey (6pts). Bulldogs? Dave "Zee" Zmozynski in his regular fashion had 12 pts, with Andrew Thomas and Krys "The Prof" Saunders contributing an additional 6 pts each.

Final score: Bulldogs 25 Lancers 22
MVP's Lancers (O) Jay Steinbegr, (D) Nathan Tang & MSL Robbie Grey
Bulldogs: (O) Dave Spackman, (D) Dave Delgado and MSL Dave Spackman

Now onto Eastside Story of the OTFL

Game # 1
Cowboys vs Untouchables
With this game preceding my battle, I had the opportunity to catch these two squads for the first time. Sporting their neon greens (green for GO! GO! GO!!), the Untouchables did just that. Four ballers (Jermaine James, Kevin Smith, Nkosi Adams & Ryan Forde) contributed a total of 22 pts.
Our Cowboys unfortunately struggled to put points on the board BUT had a good day on ?D? with Adam King & Kevin Henry both getting an INT.
MVP's: Cowboys (O) Adam King, (D) Kevin Henry & MSL Andrew Staff
Untouchables (O) Ryan Forde, (D) Jermaine James & MSL Jelani Adams

Game #2
All Blacks vs Lancers
This match started with both squads throwing one INT after another. As the QBs started to settle in and the teams get down to business, this was a heated battle till the end (weather of course lending assistance to the heat factor ;) )
The Lancers got 6 pts each from Gregory Lau and Robbie Grey; Allen Szeto and Rob Grey each had an INT, while Jay Steinberg had a sack. For the All Blacks, youngsters Matt Chang and Kevin Park contributed 28 points combined. The All Blacks won this competitive match to bring their record to 500.
Final Score: All Blacks 30 Lancers 12
MVP's: Lancers (O) Rob grey, (D) Allen Szeto & MSL Milan War
All Blacks (O) Kevin Park, (D) Shane Ruest & MSL Tony Chang

Game# 3
Rogues vs Raiders
Not quite the cake walk I thought it would be, as the under-manned-and-still-plugging-along Raiders represented well against the 2011 champs. At half, the score was only 12-0; it was the 2nd half when the Rogues still had gas in the tank and the Raiders on their last double header came up short. Scorers for the Rogues were James Hough, Drew Pottle and Shad Ross, but it was the Rogues? ?D? that won this with Brandon, baby brother Drew & Stu McNeil all getting INTS. The Raiders? K Grant got 6pts and Lorin (Deion) Brady had 2 sacks.
Finals Score: Rogues 20 Raiders 6
MVP's Raiders (O) K grant, (D) Lorin Brady & MSL T Phillips
Rogues (O) Drew Pottle, (D) Brandon Pottle & MSL Ricky Pottle

Finally onto the Core heart of the OTFL field from Central.

Game # 1
OTFL vs Mustangs
The Mustangs came to play with 8 ballers contributing to the point tally. Former ?A? division baller, Freddie Ortencio, earned 12 pts along with Matt Wong. Too many names to list for everything, so I will just say overall the ?Stangs had a good day with 4 players making picks. OTFL unfortunately had nothing to report, but kudos to the squad for not giving up and playing until the end.
Finals core: Mustangs 43 OTFL 0
MVPs: OTFL (O) Kevin Quinn, (D) Paul Medeirs & MSL Greg Nekkers
Stangs: (O) Rob Pacas, (D) Matt Wong & MSL JJEdwards

Game # 2
Mustangs vs OPC
Well another battle for the Mustangs back-to-back taking on OPC. Looks like the ?Stangs were on a roll as they handily beat the OPC squad score 32-0. Again, Freddie O contributed more points to the cause, whereas OPC struggled in this column.
MVP's OPC (O) Ryan Henriques (D) Daniel Oliveria & MSL Skippy
Stangs: (O) JJ Edwards, (D) Sean Peters & MSL Ken Lee

Game # 3
Hounds vs Hawks
OTFL high-scorer Brandon Clark capitalized yet again with 20 points, while his fellow teammate Esteban Correa scored 12 pts. The Hounds? always impressive ?D? continued to wow the crowd with 6 INTS and 2 sacks?.. safe to say, this wasn't a good Sunday for our loyal and never quitting Hawks squad. The Hawks did manage to put some points on the board with Brad Smart getting a TD and 1 INT. Jeff Hernandez got his 12th sack of the season putting him in 3rd overall for the rushing title. Hopefully this will be a closer battle come playoffs?
Final score: Hounds 45 Hawks 6
MVP's Hawks (O) Brad smart, (D) Jeff Hernandez & MSL Frank Katradis
Hounds (O) Brandon Clark, (D) Esteban Correa & MSL Scott Bird

On behalf of the OTFL Executive - Wishing EVERYONE (Ballers, Fans & Family) a Safe and Happy Looooong Weekend.

Yours in Whats the BUZZ in the OTFL.


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