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Posted By: John Anthony

Posted On: Jul 27th, 2012
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Week 8 picks

Kelly I need an update on the running tally I'm much too important and busy to keep track of thse things :).

This week's picks.


Mustangs v. OTFL

This one could get really ugly real quick. Hopefully the Mustangs do the right thing and keep the score down against the improving but still very new OTFL squad. Give me the Mustangs.

Mustangs v. OPC

This game should be a little closer for the Mustangs but the result will be the same. Look for the Mustangs to sweep the competition on their first run through the B division.

Hounds v. Hawks

The Hawks won the first contest of the year between these two team but since then these two teams have been going in different directions. Give me the Hounds to keep on riding their hot streak in this one.


Cowboys v. Untouchables

Looks like the Untouchables are starting to get things figured out in the OTFL and with as much raw talent as they have once they get it figured out I see them as a dark horse in the B division. I'll take them to win easily over the Cowboys.

Lancers v. All Blacks

Hmmmmmm. An interesting game that could go either way depending if Jay shows up for the Lancers. Would be interesting to see a W-L record for the Lancers with and without Jay. Crazy how much of an impact one player can have on a team. I'm thinking he will be there (total guess) and so i'm going to take the Lancers.

Rogues v. Raiders

Rogues easily. Not much more to say about this one.

Maxwell Heights

Raiders v. Buckeyes

Last week's match was actually pretty close. Although I heard it was called at half time and the Raiders borrowed a lot of All Blacks players. If the Raiders are going to win a game this year this will probably be their best shot. Hopefully they get a good turnout for this one and give the Buckeyes a game. I have to go with the Buckeyes though.

Steelers v. Buckeyes

The A division seems to have parted into 2 groups the elite (Bull Dogs, Steelers and Rogues) and the unelite?? (Lancers, Buckeyes, All Blacks, Raiders) and the gap between these groups seems to be growing each week. I don't really see (barring attendance issues or key injuries) an of the unelite teams competing with the elite teams. Give me the Steelers.

Bull Dogs v. Steelers

This will be a great one to grab your camping chair and a refreshing beverage and sit down and watch. I really don't know who to pick when any of the above mentioned elite teams play each other. I do think the Steeler are just slightly better than the Bull Dogs but the Bull Dogs are my favourite team so give me the Bull Dogs in the mildest of upsets.

Lancers v. Bull Dogs

If Jay shows up the Lancers have an outside shot without him forget about it. I'll hedge my bets from my previous Lancers pick where I banked on Jay showing up and take the Bull Dogs which will hopefully guarantee me going 1-1 in games involving the erratic Lancers.

There you have it.

Let's hear your thoughts.


Posted By: Bulldog4life

Posted On: Jul 27th, 2012
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RE: Week 8 picks

I love it!!!!

Posted By: KA

Posted On: Jul 31st, 2012
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RE: Week 8 picks

sorry JA... been a little busy the last little bit... hopefully after i have my vacation next week ill be more refreshed and able to challenge your picks...

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