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Posted By: Buzz

Posted On: Jul 26th, 2012
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What's the Buzz in the OTFL (Week 7)

Hello fellow OTFL Ballers, fans and returning readers. I hope we are all recovered after another hard ground, dry heat, Sunday.

With five work weeks of battles to go it?s an exciting race in both divisions. In the B, two squads are fighting neck and neck in first (OPC & Hounds at 5 - 2), while the Mustangs 4-0 are right on their coat tails. In the A three squads that are setting a high bar are the Bulldogs (6-1-1), Rogues (6-2-0) and Steelers (5-1-0). The Bull Dogs are doing very well especially considering it?s their first year combining forces with the old Sun Devils. The Rogues are showing their true colors as they are trying to capture another title. While the other yellow jersey team, the Steelers, are aiming to capture that very important first round bye that comes from winning the A division. I tell you from 21 plus years of balling, on Any Given Sunday, anything can happen especially with us being just past the half way mark. In the stats area there are some tight individual races as well. Dave Zmozynski of the Bull Dogs holds a razor thin 2 point lead over Brandon Clark of the Hounds for the scoring title while on the defensive side of the ball Brandon Clark has one interception lead over teammate Aaron Johnson and Jordan Hischer of the OTFL squad. In the rushing department Jordan Clark of the Hounds and Daniel Oliveira of OPC are dead locked at 15 with Jeff Hernandez and last year?s leader Steve Chappelle both within striking distance at 11 and 10 respectively.

So here we go, onto the post-game battles after 9 games went on.

To the north of Football Central we had 3 tilts @ Maxwell.

Game #1
Raiders vs All Blacks
Never know when these two black and white jersey teams do battle, which team actually shows up to play and I'm not meaning numbers, but just the actual events that go on the field? Okay I meant numbers as well ;) Just as all the forecasters would guess, this was a tight narrow race till the end, with the AB's winning by 1 point over the Raiders. Not much of a scoring affair, but a good battle otherwise.
Score All Blacks 13 Raiders 12
O: Lorin Brady (Raiders), Kevin Park (All Blacks)
D: Lorin Brady, Craig Wrice
MSL: L Howell, Adolf Williams.

Game # 2
Raiders vs Buckeyes
Buckeyes looking to battle back this week after last week's loss, were looking to put up a strong performance. Raiders after being warmed up (literally) and their tanks half empty and banged up in battle #1, had to stay focused. Fighting the heat and dry conditions, this game was a back and forth battle but as the numbers were stronger and the players fresher for the Buckeye?s side, they came out on top with the victory. Raiders will look to turn things around after the half-way point of the tour. Scores on the day: Matt Wood and Neil Maki with a score and the Raiders had one unconverted TD by L Howell
Score Buckseyes 13 Raiders 7
O: L. Howell (Raiders), Matt Wood(Buckeyes)
D: Lorin Brady, Chris Pierre
MSL: none recorded, Neil Maki

Game # 3
Hawks vs OPC
Not sure what I can say about this battle as this was almost a carbon copy of the other two matches as the score was too close and too small. I think it was the fact that they all played north of Adelaide and the oxygen level is less as they were all on top of Harmony Hill. But I can tell you it looked like a Defensive type of game or again blame it on the heat. Let me guess I'll also be blaming the scores on the Cold soon as well. For the Hawks Geoff Hughes had 6 pts while Jeff Hernandez received one sack in a very strong defensive performance. For OPC, brothers Daniel and Phil Oliveira combined for 8 points (a safety and a TD respectively) while Ryan Henriques added a single. The kicking game was excellent for OPC in this one as place kicker Phil Oliveira split the uprights on his kick from his own 45 yard line. Wow! The Hawks did decide not to give up any rouges and they were pinned deep in their own end for most of the game.
Score: OPC 9 Hawks 6
O: Geoff Hughes (Hawks), Ryan Henriques (OPC)
D: Jeff Hernandez, Daniel Oliviera
MSP: Matt Siekowski, Edger Ganhao.

Onto the Mid-East part of Oshawa (Eastdale)

Game #1
Cowboys vs OTFL
I'm sorry to report that I haven't had a chance to view these 2 teams yet, as they are both putting points on the board. A well-spoken old school baller once told me, that in the game of Football, you basically need to score a TD each quarter to guarantee that "W". This is what the Cowboys did as they just snuck by the OTFL ballers. Mike Cooper had a strong day with 12 pts for the Boys as Dave Griffith and Matt Healy scored each as well. James McWaters for OTFL represented for his club well chalking up 2 scores while Jordan Hischer added another. The next time these two squads do battle I see it coming down to the who has ball last.
Score: Cowboys 25 OTFL 18
O: Imran Mohammed (Cowboays), Jordan Hischer (OTFL)
D: Kevin Henry, Nick Ferris
MSL: Andrew Staff, Trevor Hernandez

Game # 2
Hounds vs Mustangs
Now this is a game I should of made (but I was about to go and ref) as the two top teams in the B division did battle. By the stats guide it looks like there was a variety of everything going on. But again another small tight score was had as the Hounds fell short with a score of 14 - 10. The ball was spread out pretty good for the Hounds who had Aaron Johnson, Esteban Correa, Steve Halvorson, and Geoff Bird putting up scores. For the Mustangs Steve Hotom led the scoring with 8 pts while JJ Edwards contributed 6.
O: Jordan Clark (Hounds), Shane Williams (Mustangs)
D: Justin Bird, Ian C
MSL: Scott Bird, Max Tazumi

Game # 3
Mustangs vs Untouchables
Ian Campbell for the Stangs was the player of the game as he filled 2 out of 3 categories for his squad with a high 18 points along with an amazing 3 sacks. INT's by Rob Pacas and JJ Edwards helped the cause for the Mustangs. Andrew Williams was the star for the Untouchables as he racked up all 14 points. It looks like the Stangs were all warmed up from the previous battle as they took this one.
Score: Stangs 20 Untouchables 14
O: Rob Pacas (Stangs), Andrew Williams (Untouchables)
D: JJ Edwards, Ryan Forde
MSL: Ken Lee, Nkosi Adams

Now we head down to the south field of the Shwa:

Game #1
Rogues vs Steelers
WOW ! I'm surprised that this game didn't have Rogers Cable 10 LIVE (LOL). This was a match up for all to see. Again as both teams have a mish mash of talent, the team who makes the least mistakes and has ball last will take this one. For most of you that didn't know the Steelers have a mixture of old Rogues, plus some. And the Rogues still looking strong have their secret weapons as well. With the Rogues 4-2-0 and Steelers 5-0-0, it looked to be anyone?s game.
But on this past Sunday it was the Rogues that scored just one more time than the Steelers to capture this one. Rogues scorers on the day were Brando Pottle, Paul Leckey and Ryan Stephens. While Douggie Mayberry and Long Snapper Mark (Tetley) Phillips each had one TD for the Steelers.
Score: Rogues 18 Steelers 12
O: Ryan Stephens (Rogues), Mark Phillips (Steelers)
D: Jeff Harriot, Doug Mayberry
MSP: Drew Pottle, Alec Puntus

Game #2
Lancers vs Rogues
OK so the Lancers were missing my favourite little QB, but Allen Szeto stepped up and did his best vs the Rogues. Unfortunately with no scoring on the Lancers side and the Rogues firing on all cylinders the absence of Jay Steinberg at QB was too much to overcome for the Lancers.
I guarantee a better match up next time if the Green and White have their full unit out.
Score: 25 Rogues Lancers 0
O: Rob Grey (Lancers), Brando Pottle (Rogues)
D: Mark Tang, James Hough
MSL: Allen Szeto, Paul Leckey

Game # 3
Lancers vs Bulldogs
The Lancers had a tough double header this weekend going against two of the three toughest teams in the league and this game was a carbon copy of their first. The Bulldogs and QB Dave Spackman spread the ball around really well in this one as eight separate players recorded at least one point. Germaine Clarke led the scoring with 12 points.
I will truely blame the "HOT" weather for this contest.
Score: Bulldogs 37 Lancers 0
O: Milan Ward (Lancers), Germaine Clarke (Sun Devils)
D: Nathan Tang, Sea Biscuit-Brett Herod
MSL: Andrew Yeung, Travis Thomas

Well that's it from Buzz Central, everyone rest up, carb up and stay hydrated as we all go into another weekend of battles this Sunday.

PLEASE as there is only a few weeks left before playoff's talk to your fellow ballers and head over the Bull Dog Pub for some Hot Eats and Cold Treats. Thanks for the Rogues for attending there last weekend. Remember to keep your receipts.

Yours in What's the Buzz in the OTFL
OTFL PR Director

Posted By: Anonymous

Posted On: Jul 29th, 2012
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RE: What's the Buzz in the OTFL (Week 7)

The bulldogs are the bulldogs not the sun devils, players may have joined together but the team is the bulldogs for future refrence.

Posted By: Scott

Posted On: Jul 29th, 2012
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RE: What's the Buzz in the OTFL (Week 7)

Sorry that was my fault. I was putting the finishing touches on the write-up and put Sun Devils instead of Bull Dogs, not sure why. I'm living in the past it would seem. Won't happen again.



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