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Posted By: Buzz

Posted On: Jul 21st, 2012
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Dwyer Football Reunion @ Bulldog

FYI to all my fellow ballers and Dwyer Alumni's. TONIGHT @ the Bulldog 7pm start marks the 25th year celebration reunion for the Metro Bowl Squad from 1987, all Ballers are wlecome to attend, no charge.
Plus you would be suppporting our sponsor.
So i hope to see fellow OTFL Dwyer players there tonight: Goddards, Shane Ruest, Jay Coulas, also there will be some Oshawa Hawkeye Alums there as well. So if were a Dolphin, Raider, Ti Cat or DEvil, Redmen, Trojan, or Laker come on out.

Hope to see you there,
87' Metro Bowl Baller
and your PR Guru

Posted By: AV

Posted On: Jul 24th, 2012
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RE: Dwyer Football Reunion @ Bulldog

I wish I would have read this earlier. Would have been good to see this earlier. Some AY Jackson representation would have been nice, since you did beat us n the semis.


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