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Posted By: OTFL Legend from the Sidelines

Posted On: Nov 30th, 2017
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OTFL This Sunday

Hard to think that this weekend marks the ending of OTFL season.

Great playing and Spirit by everyone on and off the field.

What a better way to celebrate, then watching all the finals and attending the Banquet.

Great plays, Great Food, Great Times to be had by all on Sunday.

So whether you are in the finals or not, be sure to show good faith and good effort to support your Team and League.

So no excuses and be sure to come on out.

And yes the NFL will be on.

Good Luck to all the Finalists in this Sundays action.


PS Any Predictions

Posted By: Captain Cock

Posted On: Nov 30th, 2017
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RE: OTFL This Sunday

Weíll said Legend/Vet,

Like I said before, the OTFL this season was the most talented/competitive that I have ever seen. Usually there is 2/3 teams that are considered ďAĒ quality but that number doubled this year. I hope to see the same next year.

Big thanks to Scott and his crew. Great job as usual.

To the Rogues. Iím pretty sure you guys have been champs every year and lost maybe 3 game since OPC joined the league. Iím pretty sure a couple of years ago you guys were in the same position as last week, scoring late and getting a double for the win to either get to the finals or win it. Cudos for playing Rogue ball and going for it all. Iím sure youíll be back.

Spac and Raf, I have to comment on your skills. To take your teams, who were considered ďBĒ quality and thatís not a jab, and to make them legit ďAĒ teams says it all.

Goats, solid ďAĒ division performance especially for a sophomore team, impressed me. Iím certain youíll only improve year after year.


ďCĒ finals- Killer Beez vs The Raiders

A classic here folks. Iím sure there is a lot of history between these teams and players. Beez need to keep the turnovers to a minimum and they need to catch the catchable balls. 2/3 INTís along with 2/3 dropped balls will lose you the game.

The Raiders need to get Cole going early and often because he is the key to their success. Also, a little birdie told me that the future of the Raiders might look very different next season, meaning that if there is any truth to it the old guards need to step up and play their hearts out.

Raiders 22 Beez 12


Correct me if Iím wrong but this is the 2nd straight final for the COPS. Iím sure they have learned from last years loss and are looking forward to redemption.

OPC has been here a couple times as well so we too are well prepared. From what I remember weíve played them twice. The first time the COPS were missing a bunch of players, QB included, but still whooped us bad. The second time we were missing players but managed a close win. This time weíll both have our full rosters. Letís see what happens.

OPC win

The Untouchables vs The Bullets

The Bullets sure have shook things up. Lots of talent is one thing but organized talent is another. Being prepared makes difficult situations easy and when your able to make difficult situations easy everything else falls into place.

The Untoichable are a totally different team from when I first joined. Like the Bullets, they have a ton of talent but they werenít organized. Thatís what kept them from becoming an elite team. They have managed to become organized which has brough on confidence which is why they are now an elite team. This will be a good game!

Untouchables 30 vs Bullets 22

As for next year, letís bring back the field goal.

Good luck to all

Posted By: OTFL Network

Posted On: Nov 30th, 2017
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RE: OTFL This Sunday

The A Division Final will be a blow out for the Bullets. The Untouchables dont have anyone who can rush the Bullets QB and when they played twice this year they were missing key top players.

Bullets 32-Untouchables 12

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