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Posted By: OPC96

Posted On: Sep 26th, 2014
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Playoff Picks

This is who i got

9:00AM Cowboys v Raiders(1st in "C" v 4th in "C")
- After a rough season it looks like the Raiders will close the 2014 year out this weekend. Im taking the cowboys but definitely looking forward to seeing the raiders of past years return in 2015.

10:30AM Rogues v Bulldogs(1st in "A" v 4th in "A")
- A true SEMI final match up here. I see the Rogues shutting down Dave Z as much as possible leaving the puppies with little scoring threat. Give me the Rogues as my Guarantee of the week

12:00PM Sharks v Buckeyes(2nd in "A" v 3rd in "A")
- This one is tough for me i like the sharks but after hearing of the injury to their QB its hard to go with them this weekend. I'l take the Buckeyes in a low scoring affair as the Sharks defence remains untouched with the injury and still very hard to beat. i'll go 12-6 buckeyes but really think this game is one pick 6 away from being a sharks win... this one would be fun to watch.


9:00AM Brew Crew v Manimals(2nd in "C" v 3rd in "C")
- tough to call. both teams strongly improved as the season went on. Ill take the Manimals in this one as from what i've seen the Brew Crew might beat themselves.

10:30AM OPC v Hawks (1st in "B" v 4th in "B")
- Nobody saw OPC coming first in B, but a strong closing few weeks of the season saw them come together and beat some very tough teams. that said this matchup is always hard to call but i will of course take OPC in this one.

12:00PM Mustangs v Untouchables(2nd "B" v 3rd "B")
- This is my next favorite match up after the buckeyes Sharks game. Mustangs have preformed well against the Untouchables but both teams have some serious play makers who can change a game at any time. That said i will be taking the Mustangs as i know they are still a little steamy after the 2nd half collapse against OPC last week.

If you disagree id love to hear it.

Good luck to all this weekend

Posted By: OtflFan

Posted On: Sep 26th, 2014
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RE: Playoff Picks

Quick picks

Cowboys vs Raiders
The raiders have been brutal this year but if their qb shows up I think they'll pull it of due to experience. The "C" championship is theirs IF they want it. I say 13-12 Silver and black.

Crew vs Manimals
This game is a toss up. One thing is forsure there won't be a lack of effort in this game. I say Manimals 12-6.

Untouchables vs Mustangs
It's a surprise to see the Mustangs in the "B" playoffs, especially 2nd place. Untouchables have been a bit of a let down wins/lose wise but maybe the league is much closer than I originally thought. I'd love to see the neon green, brutal colours, win this one but I think the Stangs are too good for em. I say 30-12 Stangs.

OPC vs Hawks
Arch nemesis' meet again. But this is more like Super Man vs Mighty Mouse. Give me OPC over the Hawks 34-6. After last weeks OPC Mustangs score I'd have to say we have another contender on our hands.

Rogues vs Bulldogs
Too bad the dogs don't play as well as Puppydog4life trash talks. You's were lucky to be close in score in the reg season. I say 32-14 Rogues.

Bucks vs Sharks

No QB.... No way. If you only managed 8 vs the hawks your in trouble. Bucks 24 Sharks 0

Posted By: Scott

Posted On: Sep 27th, 2014
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RE: Playoff Picks

A lot of tough picks this week and with my 3rd place finish in the OTFL weekly picks contest I'm clearly no expert but Since I like the thread I'll make some picks.

Cowboys Raiders

On paper you'd have to say the Cowboys are the clear favourite but the Raiders have a way of stepping up come playoff time. I see the same thing happening this year. I'm sure this team has no interest in a winless season and they'll come out and win a close one against the cowboys

Rogue Bulldogs

Oh BDFL I always love your posts. But I don't think anyone but you is thinking this is the real final. It's a clear cut semi final. You were right when you said that everyone expects the winner of this game to be the "A" champions but at the same time everyone expects that team to be the Rogues. With all that said Spack has a way of coming up big in big games so I don't think this will be blowout but still think the Rogues take it in a close one.

Buckeyes Sharks

I'll echo the other posters especially Ryan that it's such a shame about the Sharks starting QB. I do think that with Scott healthy this would be a great game. Even without him the sharks/hounds have always been a great defensive team and that doesn't change with this key injury. In response to the comment from OTFLfan (it's clear you are not a fan of the Hawks which is fine) but it should be noted that the Hawks/Sharks game last week was played in a monsoon and points were at a premium due to weather. The Sharks backup looked solid and could be good enough to pull out this game. I still take the Buckeyes in a close low scoring game.

manimals Brew Crew

Brew Crew swept the season series. I don't see any reason to believe that trend will change. Give me the Brew Crew in another close one

OPC Hawks

OPC has been great this year (very solid break out year). Hawks have had their ups and downs but overall probably didn't have as good a season as we were hoping. But with all that said I honestly do think the hawks will pull this one out. One thing I can guarantee is that this will be an exciting game to watch.

Mustangs Untouchables

Obviously everything tells me that the Mustangs are the huge favourite in this one but for some reason my gut says that the Untouchables are going to pull it out.

Good luck to everyone this weekend (except for OPC :) )

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