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Posted By: SCOTT

Posted On: Sep 23rd, 2014
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OTFL History

Since we are heading into the playoffs and there is a repeat of Doc McStuffins on (if it was a new episode I'd be glued to the tv) I put together a spreadsheet of all the awards winners and champions (MVP, Glen Davis, Off MVP, Def MVP, Scoring Champ, Interception Champ, Sacks Champ, "A" champ, "B" champ, "C" champ and co-ed champs) since 2009.

I don't think it will cut and paste well into this forum so if you want it sent to you let me know and I'll be happy to email it to you.

I did notice that in the last 5 years (2009 - 2013 for mens and 2011 - 2014 for coed) only 5 different teams have won the "A", "B" and coed championships. Rogues 4 "A" titles, Sun Devils 1 "A" title, Raiders 3 "B" titles, Mustangs 2 "B" titles and Dawksports 4 coed titles. The "C" championship on the other hand has never had a repeat champion.

Individually the most repeat individual names to appear are:

Ryan Henriques (5) - 1 MVP, 4 Offensive Player of the year
Brandon Clark (4) - 3 Interception Champions, 1 Scoring title
Matt Chang (3) - 1 MVP, 1 sacks championship, 1 defensive player of the year

Most surprising name on the list:

Scott Bird - 2010 Sacks champion. I would never correctly answered that trivia question. Nice job Scott.

Posted By: S.Bird

Posted On: Sep 24th, 2014
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RE: OTFL History

This was the year i just came into the league i believe and wasn't QBing. Quite proud of that award haha

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