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Posted By: Buzz

Posted On: Nov 30th, 2013
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What's the Buzz in Peterborough (PTFL)??!!

Hello fellow Ballers and Super Fans.
As I see soo much concern, No I didnt go MIA, but as my team does the Tfont tour, I'm not always around to report on the games, sorry can't bee in 2 places at once.

Just a quick update though for those OTFL ballers that didnt know, but yesterday marked the 1st time ever "EAST VS WEST" Football Friendly and what a time it was.

BBQ, Bevies, New Friends and of course Football. This day marked a new chapter in the OTFL archives and I was personally glad to be part of it all.

Only 45 minutes away off the 115/35 Highway, it was well worth the travels.

The games in a nutshell had a variety of Peterborogh squads matched up against 2 of the OTFL Teams representing(Buckeyes & Manimals). Special THanks for these Oshawa squads representing.

Also a SPECIAL Shout Out !! goes to Ed Bos and Nick Ferris for putting on a well organized event. Also it was really great to see Andy Miller as well, who for those didnt know was part of our TOFL Family some time ago.

We are looking forward now looking forward for the Peterborough teams coming down to see us as we can do this once again.

Now onto this weeks games which looks like we have a full house of battles. As mentioned before Scott will be reporting all the action from Maxwell as I will be reporting from Central on Sunday. Central has 4 battles total (9am, 10:30am, 12pm & 1:30pm.) If you finish early feel free to come down and watch some of the action.

Looking forward to getting into the OTFL action once again.

Yours in Football

Posted By: EdBos

Posted On: Nov 30th, 2013
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RE: What's the Buzz in Peterborough (PTFL)??!!

On Behalf of the Peterborough Touch Football League ,I would like to thank The Manimals (Nick Ferris) and The Buckeyes (Mike Rafuse) for getting their teams involved and making the trip north to Peterborough.You both represented your league perfectly as I hope we did for you.It was nice to see members from both leagues sitting together,barbecuing and enjoying a few pints. We even had a tie with no great attempt for a shootout.
From the response I received from our members, there is great interest to make the trip to Oshawa in August. We have begun to promote the event in hopes of gaining more interest from our end.
To all OTFL members, please take some time to talk with either team to get their opinion and hopefully we will meet more teams.
Lastly, thanks to the OTFL executive for joining with us and supporting the idea, The PTFL benefitted greatly from this as we attempt to move our league forward.
Thank You

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