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Posted By: John Anthony

Posted On: Jun 20th, 2014
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Week 3 picks

Not a great week last week going 3-1-1(Although I did say the Sharks and OPC would be a close low scoring game so gotta give me some bonus points for that) and only putting in 3 picks in the weekly picks contest. But in reality I figured since I'm a professional I really should give the rest of the field a bit of a head start. I digress, with my 3-1-1 last week my overall record is now at 7-3-1. KA you're not going to catch up to me by copying my picks every week like you did last week. (just a tip to help you out).

Onto this weeks picks!!!

Hawks v. OTFL Bulldogs

I have heard some rumblings that this may not be a full Bulldogs squad coming out for this one but at the same time the Hawks looked less than stellar in their loss to the Untouchables laast week. I'll trust that my sources on this one and take the Hawks to beat a depleted Bulldogs team.

Cowboys v. Untouchables

The Cowboys did look much better last week than in week 1 (or was it that the Manimals are just that good that they made the Cowboys look bad) but they still are not talented to stick with the super athletic Untouchables team whose QB looks a thousand times better this season than last. If the Untouchables QB can continue to play at the level he played at last Sunday this team (as was mentioned in a preseason post) is definitely a front runner for the "B" this year. Give me the Untouchables to beat the Cowboys with relative ease.

Cowboys v. OPC

Not sure how much spirit the Cowboys will have left after their loss to the Untouchables. Not sure it will really matter all that much anyways. OPC is still looking for their first victory but they have played two tough teams and our only -6 in the point differential and were a play away from winning both games. Give me OPC to get off the schnide and get their first victory over a tired Cowboys team.

Sharks v. Raiders

The Raiders have had a tough schedule to start the season playing the Buckeyes in week 1 and the Rogues in week 2 (hey at least those games are done and out of the way right) and while things do get easier this week they don't get that much easier against the Sharks. I see the Sharks, who are also looking for their first victory of the year winning this one but the score may be closer than some expect.

Brew Crew v. Manimals

It's still early but these could be the two most improved teams in the league this year. Sure both teams have only played one game so far this year, the Manimals destroyed the Cowboys while the Brew Crew kind of hung in there against the Rogues (they have the best plus minus against them so far this year). This game will show us which of these two teams has improved the most this year. At this point I think it's the Manimals but really I could see this game going either way. Give me the Manimals as my pick though.

As always I welcome your feedback.


Posted By: a bulldog

Posted On: Jun 20th, 2014
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RE: Week 3 picks

it will be a good game against the hawks but the bulldogs will have numbers.

Posted By: Bulldog4life

Posted On: Jun 21st, 2014
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RE: Week 3 picks

Love it when you pick against us...only reason you'll lose the picks contest!!!

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