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Posted By: Buzz

Posted On: Jun 17th, 2014
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"Whats the Buzz in the OTFL WK #2"

Hello OTFL Family, Friends and Footballers.
Hope you are all trying to stay dry on this Tuesday evening.

We have again made it through another week of balling and what a grand weather Sunday it was.

Just as a FYI to all, as I can't be in two places @ the same time I will be reporting only the games from Central this past weekend and my Right hand man and your President Scott Elkington will give you a post report from Maxwell.

A quick Points, Interceptions and Sacks Update though:

In the lead with 44 points we have Rogues Andrew Brimpong, who btw if you didn't know already is our Feature Player of the Week. Other than being the present high scorer of the OTFL, you can always see Andrew with a Smile on his face and the speed that kills. He has been on the Rogues for a handful of years and also plays for the TFont tourney Team, the South Ontario Cobras in the "A" Division battles. Andrew also being a very community, Welcome and Wanted type of baller on and off the field. Keep up the Razzle and Dazzle Andrew :)

In the interceptions section we have Joseph Dublin from the Rogues with 4 followed by his teammate Ryan Stephens with 3.
Sacks category and OPC member Daniel Oliveira has the lead with 5 sacks and Hawks Tyler Van G with 4.
Rogues and OTFL Bulldogs are presently the only Teams so far without a loss coming out the gates.

Now onto the ACTION from Central High:

I just wanted to give you all a heads up that the Spoiler alert will be coming fast of the post report of these two games.

This day marked the Rogues double header and the bottom line they came to play.

In the first battle @ 9am , was my fellow ballers and Teammates' the Buckeyes.
In the first quarter the teams were back and fourth. Until the 2nd quarter when the Rogues put it into gear.
This was with the assistance of QB Brandon Pottle, who with his throwing style and shifty manoeuvers, he got the job done to allow his Team score on many occasions. Especially to Andrew B and other fellow Rogues.

This was not what the Buckeyes planned on this day they were pumped and ready to play. Rusher (Desmond Johnson & Mike "RAF" Rafuse) tried for the most part to keep Brandon @ Bay. BUT as "Crazy Legs" Pottle would make his medial and lateral moves to deter the Rush, he would attack the line for 1st downs or drop off passes before the line of scrimmage.
just a heads up to all the OTFL Rushers out there, PLEASE just make Crazy Legs Throw the ball !!

On this day the Buckeyes sadly just couldn't get it together. Guess it was better to do this Sunday then do it on the Kingston tourney, just glad we got it out of our system.

Congrats Rogues :)
Score Rogues 42 Buckeyes 0
O MVP & D MVP Buckeyes Matt Rafuse &
MSL Buzz Bezzant
O MVP Rogues Andrew Brimpong, D MVP Joseph Dunlin &
MSL Brandon Pottle

10:30am Battle:
Rogues vs Raiders
Raiders came into this game stretched and fresh as they were to take on the warmed up Rogues from their previous action. I hate to admit it but the Rogues basically left were they left off with the Buckeyes as a gain 8 different players contributed to the game.

But the BIG difference here is that the Raiders put points on the board, Oh Wait !? let me retract, that was 1 point that Che Lafoy Nicely kicked on a kick off to not allow the Rogues go perfect on the day, they also were able to get a INT by Chris Goddard on the day.

All in all it was a great day to play and congregate afterwards as the day Win or Lose was all for the Boys marking it "FATHERS DAY" and what a way to do it by playing ball.

Rogues MVP's : O and D Ryan Stephens & MSL Rick Pottle
Raiders O MVP
Raiders MVP: O Cole LAfoy as well picking up MSL & D MVP Chris Goddard.

Here's to wishing all my fellow TFont Ballers (K.I. Cobras, Spartans, Buckeyes, Mustangs) all the best and safe travels to this weekends Kingston Limestone Tourney.

And also Good Luck to the existing OTFL teams that play this Sunday as well.

Yours in Football,

Also a BIG REMINDER to all the Ballers, PLEASE CLEAN UP after ourselves after your games, don't leave your banana peels, Red Rains, Water Bottles or Tim Horton cups lying around as this is 2 weeks in a row that Al P and Myself have had to CLEAN UP after You Guys. No Team Names mentioned.
We will also look into Garbage bins to be posted @ the schools.


Posted By: Buzz

Posted On: Jun 17th, 2014
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RE: "Whats the Buzz in the OTFL WK #2"

Just remembered, each TEAM Rep was given a Special Team Promotional Bag that has Garbage Bags supplied, so no excuses to all our Teams.


And as a LARGE Reminder @ Central NO PARKING on the TRACK, as WE will lose our PERMIT and that means NO FOOTBALL, regardless if you are a player or a fan.

Thanks for your cooperation.

Posted By: Scott

Posted On: Jun 18th, 2014
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RE: "Whats the Buzz in the OTFL WK #2"

Week 2 in Review (Maxwell Heights Edition):

Sharks vs. OPC: The sky is blue, water is wet and The Sharks and OPC will play each other close, three universal truths. As is always the case when these two teams meet, this game was a tight one. The Sharks held a precarious 12 – 6 lead late in the 4th quarter. That’s when Ryan Henriques did what Ryan Henriques does and scored the game’s tieing touchdown on OPC’s last drive. With the score 12 – 12 The Sharks were able to stop OPC’s convert attempt but were not able to score on their subsequent drive giving us a sister kissing 12 – 12 final.
Henriques (OPC) and Justin Bird (Hounds) did all the scoring with 12 points a piece and each won Offensive MVP for the efforts. Bird also took home Game MVP honours. Brandon Clark (Hounds) snagged his first INT of the season while Daniel Oliveira (OPC) recorded his league leading fifth sack. Clark and Oliveira took home Defensive MVP awards for their respective teams.

Cowboys vs. OTFL Bulldogs: Don’t let the 32 – 6 final score fool you. This game was 12 – 6 more than half way through the 3rd quarter. However that’s when things started to fall apart for the Cowboys who gave up 20 unanswered points. Gary Humber and Vaughn Blanchard led the way offensively for the Bulldogs with 12 and 14 points respectively while Junius Jules-Soungie added another six points. Blanchard won both Offensive MVP and Game MVP for his efforts. Defensively Arlond Lett (Cowboys) and Lewmar Henry (Bulldogs) each had two interceptions to capture the Defensive MVPs. Both QBs, Imran Mohammed for the Cowboys and Dave Spackman for the Bulldogs, did a great job eluding the rushers and getting the ball out quickly as neither team recorded a sack.

Hawks vs. Untouchables: The Untouchables set the tone early in this one, scoring on their first drive of the game and scoring 12 unanswered points to start the game. The Hawks did mount a comeback to bring the score to 12 – 7 before halftime. The two teams traded unconverted touchdowns in the second half bringing the score to 18 – 13. The Hawks defence was able to stop the Untouchables deep in the Hawks’ own end with four plays remaining. A roughing the passer penalty help moved the Hawks to midfield with two plays left, but a an all or nothing pass resulted in an interception to seal the victory for the Untouchables. The Hawks’ Tyler Van Gijn led all scorers in this game with seven points while teammate Rob Wilson added the aditional six points. The Untouchables spread out their scoring nicely with three players (Nkosi Adams, Ryan Forde, Stephano Cavaliere) all putting up six points. Van Gijn also had three sacks allowing him to capture both Offensive and Defensive MVP awards. Untouchables QB Jelani Adams won Offensive MVP and Game MVP while Rusher Jermaine James got one sack and the Defensive MVP award.

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