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Posted By: Buzz PR Director

Posted On: Jul 26th, 2013
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Week #6 " What's The Buzz in the OTFL

Hello again fellow ballers, I can't get over that we are just over the half way point and the action is intense, unforgettable and more important FUN for all Ballers, Fans and Readers.

Quick League Leaders update:

Points Department we have Rogues Aaron Racioppa with 63, OPC's Ryan Henriques with 43 and two ballers with a 3rd place tie at 37 each Cowboy's Arlond Lett & Hounds Esteban Correa.

Interceptions category or what I like to call the Neon Deion Department, we have a pretty tight race so far. We have OPC's Brian Santos with 9, Buckeyes Dave St. Louis with 6 and a 3 way tie at 5 int's each, Arlond Lett (Cowboys), Ryan Henriques (OPC) & Jeff Jacobs (Rogues).

More importantly going into last weeks battle other than the competition with clubs going head to head, we can all be happy we didn't have to fight the humidity as it decided to take a penalty and sit out this week.

So to the ACTION !!

4 battles on the gridiron @ Maxwell Heights:

We had the Hounds vs Cowboys
Here's two teams that bend but don't break and can prove that they can ball, basically with this contest, we knew it was going to be tight.
Both sides of the offense represented very well as this game was a close and bitter battle to the end. As it was a 4 point final score, with the Boys coming on top.
Cowboys 18 Hounds 14
Please feel free to refer to SCHEDULE icon for all the updates MVPS, Points etc.

Brew Crew vs Untouchables
Both teams played very well and the Brew Crew were successful on some plays this week and they keep on getting stronger. As they scored a unconverted TD but came up short as the UT's had 4 ballers score resulting in another for the Win column.
Score: Untouchables 20 Brew Crew 6
Please feel free to refer to SCHEDULE icon for all the updates MVPS, Points etc.

Manimals vs Hawks
Double header time for the Hawks vs the 1-3 Manimals.
This game from what I saw in person and not through the grapevine. The winner of this contest would come down to less mistakes and misques.
The Hawks on this "any Given Sunday" had everything fall in their lap as the Football Gods were on their side. The Manimals "D" had some miscommunication as the Hawks "O" was able to get the upper edge as the Hawks came on top of this game. Manimals will only be able to turn things around though going into Week 7 as I know they will make some strategic adjustments on D.
Score: Hawks 32 Manimals 0
Please feel free to refer to SCHEDULE icon for all the updates MVPS, Points etc.

Steelers vs Hawks
After a quick break bye week for the Steelers looks like it worked in their favor and were all well rested as they took on the Hawks who were coming off a high flying win in the 1st contest, but this was short lived as the Hawks wings were heavily weighted for a landing in the beginning of this contest. Steelers "O" were without error as they had Rob Gray high scorer for the day @ 24 points. Geoff Keen of the Hawks was the high scorer for his club at 12 points. My gut tells me if the Hawks didn't have the 2 games that this would of been a closer contest but they still represented.
Score: Steelers 37 Hawks 14
Please feel free to refer to SCHEDULE icon for all the updates MVPS, Points etc.

Now off to Central for 3 matches:

OPC vs Raiders
This contest I was able to watch from start to finish and sadly to report it was all OPC the 1st half. In the Raiders defense they were short handed some key ballers and I know this contest would of been tighter in the beginning. But the OPC squad came to play and this is exactly what they did. Resulting in a win. Next time they do battle it will come down to OT. Regardless of the outcome both teams played 110% till the end as I witnessed the Raiders bounce back in the 2nd half.
Score: OPC 20 Raiders 14

10:30 and 12pm games
Sadly as there were no score cards handed in I have no stats other then the scores to report on :(

Bulldogs 23 Mustangs 20
Rogues 35 Mustangs 28

Well that's it for another week, we have 9 contests going into this Sundays games and the forecast looks promising.

Good Luck to all.

Yours in OTFL Football.

PR Director
Member since 1978 ;)

Posted By: Captain Cock

Posted On: Jul 27th, 2013
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RE: Week #6 " What's The Buzz in the OTFL

"Sad to report that it was all OPC in the 1st half."? Buzz I didn't know that you were such a Raiders fan. Hope there's no hard feelings;).

Posted By: Buzz

Posted On: Jul 28th, 2013
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RE: Week #6 " What's The Buzz in the OTFL

Sadly to report for was the side of the Raiders and not a negative to the Cocks Club. Sorry if it sounds that way.. Next time I will put proudly for you guys.

Good luck today.


Posted By: Raider nation

Posted On: Jul 30th, 2013
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RE: Week #6 " What's The Buzz in the OTFL

Sad to say Buzz once was a Raider.

Posted By: Buzz

Posted On: Jul 31st, 2013
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RE: Week #6 " What's The Buzz in the OTFL

Yes I was years 1989-1996 and you guys loved it !!!

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