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Posted By: Buzz

Posted On: Jun 24th, 2013
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Week # 2 "What's the Buzz in the OTFL"

Hello fellow OTFL Ballers, well we made it through a successful week one with 6 battles with 12 teams competing.

Also I do apologize for my tardiness on writing the post report as I know you all are checking online daily, but the Buzzman unfortunately donates his time to other Football and Hockey commitments, so I was finally able to sit down and report LIVE from downtown Kingston.

Here WE Go !. Two way tie after 2 weeks for points with Aaron Racioppa (Rogues) & Frank Katradis (Hawks) @ 19 points.

Defensively, there is 2 way tie for Interceptions as Dave St. Louis (Buckeyes) & Jeff Jacobs (Rogues) each have 4.

Present Sack leader Mark Pusnammy with 3, from the Manimals is giving his team great energy in the C division.

Also there is a 3 way tie in the A with BullDogs, Rogues & Buckeyes having 2-0 records, Mustangs to still do battle and the Steelers to get there team into 4th gear in the weeks to come.

Now to the ACTION!!

To Central (formerly Vanier)

Manimals vs Brew Crew
Battle of the "Newbies" squads
Basically the bottom line with this game was it was a defensive battle, back and fourth in all 4 quarters.
With both teams being brand new one noone knew anything about their opposition.
In the end we had a tight score with the Manimals coming on top with Chad Seymour scoring a TD and Justin Glover with 2points.
As mentioned Manimals Mark Pusnammy had 3 sacks.
Marvin ????? had the only 2 points for the Brew Crew, as I like Beer my gut feeling is that they will settle down and get the job done one down at a time.
Score Manimals 8 Brew Crew 2
Brew Crew Kevin Marryshow Offensive MVP, Marvin ???? Defensive MVP, Stephen Johnston MSL
Manimals Chad Seymour O MVP, Mark Pusnammy D MVP MSL Nick Ferris

Rogues vs Untouchables
Two very athletic teams and about even in terms of O and D strategies.
But the Rogues clearly had the eye on the prize from start to finish as they were successful in their plan.
Aaron Racioppa (Rogues) was the leader in the points department with 19 and Davey Mouse Thomas was playing like a 20 year old with a converted TD and 2 interceptions. Returning from the Armed Forces was legendary Mart Einer with 1 sack.
Untouchables sadly had no points in the "O" category but Nikosi Adams successfully made 1 interception.
Score Rogues 26 Untouchables 0
Untouchables Offensive MVP Jelani Adams, Defensive MVP N|kosi Adams, Ryan Forde MSL
Rogues Aaron Racioppa Offensive MVP, Defensive MVP Dave Mouse Thomas, MSL Brandon Pottle

Hounds vs Buckeyes
On this "Any Given Rainy Sunday" morning it was a very difficult day for both Q's and O to handle the ball.
The Hounds who are a young and athletic club, gave 100% on every play, with Esteban Correa and Scott Bird earning an interception each and Rusher Steve Halvorsan with 1 sack. Unfortunately the Hounds couldn't score any point vs the Buckeyes "D".
Buckeyes had 5 ballers all contributing to the cause as they racked up 22 points total. Defensively Chris Pierre and Dave St. Louis had 2 interceptions while Matt Chan put up 2 sacks.
Score Buckeyes 22 Hounds 0
Hounds Offensive MVP Scott Bird, Defensively Esteban Correa, MSL Steve Halvorson
Buckeyes Offensive MVP Marlon Wong, Defensive MVP Matt Chang, MSL Mike Rafuse

Heading to the North for the Maxwell Heights battles:

Bulldogs vs Steelers (stats limited due wet scorecards)
Sorry for the Steelers but I have no stats posted as there was none on the site, sorry but I do know you earned 18 points.
Bulldogs came on top by defeating the Steel squad by 2 points. Scoring for the Dogs were Jordan Hisher and Krys (the professor) Saunders each with 6 points. and defensively Krys Saunders gain a sack as well.
Score Bulldogs 20 Steelers 18
No MVPS to report :( as they were no forwarded

Steelers vs Raiders
Raiders Kyle Shaw 12 points and Che Lafoy 2 point convert put up all the scoring for their side, and it looks like the D made a large contribution in this battle.
Chris Goddard and Heinz Stork with interceptions and Graham Houghton with 2 sacks.
Steelrs Matt Rogerson with a kick for a rouge and Drew Scott with a nice interception.
Score Raiders 14 Steelers 1
Steelers Offensive MVP Matt Rogerson , Defensive MVP Drew Scott, MSL Jermaine Wallace
Raiders Offensive MVP Kyle Shaw, Defensive MVP & MSL Chris Goddard.

Hawks vs Cowboys
B vs C battle brought these teams together on this past Sunday. Two great competitive teams that came together to prove that they both play for the love of the game.
Both teams 3rd place in their divisions crossed over to give it their all.
Kevin Henry and Arlond Lett both stepped up on the "D" side earning 1 interception and 1 sack respectively. Offensively, Arlond Lett got a 2 points for his squad.
But the B squad Hawks had 3 ballers gain all the points to capitalize on their win, they were Ben Blanche (7), Frank Katradis (13) and Geoff Hughes (6), Jeff Hernandez with a D sack.
Score Hawks 26 Cowboys 2
Cowboys Offensive MVP Tony Doyle, Defensive MVP Imran Mohammed MSLMike Cooper
Hawks Offensive MVP Frank Katradis, Defensive MVP Ben Blanche MSL Scott " Our Prez" Elkington

Good luck to all the clubs playing ball in Week #3 and also Good luck to all the other ballers participating in the traditional Kingston Limestone tourney as well.

Till next time and Yours in OTFL Football.

OTFL PR Director & member since 1988

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