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Posted By: Buzz

Posted On: Jun 14th, 2013
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Week #1 "What's the Buzz in the OTFL"?

Welcome all 2013 OTFL Ballers.

We have 13 strong clubs this season including two new teams in The Manimals & The Brew Crew. It looks to be a great season ahead with lots of energetic vibes hitting the gridiron.

Before I get into the Post game reports, PLEASE be reminded of a few things:
Firstly @ all the fields, PLEASE be sure to always clean up after yourselves (water Bottles, Timmys etc) as we want to keep the peace with Durham District School Board and be able to return week after week.
Secondly we have a GREAT Sponsor for our league, The BullDog Pub located @ 600 Grandview in the Grandview Plaza, please make sure to visit them as often as possible. Refer to Scott Elkington (Our OTFL Prez) if you have any questions.
Lastly any highlights that I can't view in person please email me @ buzz@oshawafootball.com and I'll do my best to add to the post reports.

Now onto the post game:

In week #1 we had 6 battles, 3 @ Maxwell and 3 @ Central High.

You will also notice on our official site (http://www.oshawafootball.com/) under "Stats" and "League Leaders" in the Points department its already a tight race with a number of ballers all tied with 12 points across the board.
On the "D" side for Interceptions, The Rogues Jeff Jacobs is setting the bar high with 4, and in the Sack category Buckeyes Shane Ruest leads the way with 2.

Game #1 @ Maxwell we had the Raiders vs the Bulldogs.
The Bulldogs are looking like the competitive team from 2012 and the Raiders, captained by Alec Puntus, are looking new and refreshed with a range of experience and youth. The Raiders were missing veteran QB Rich Lafoy on this day but they all gave a valiant effort.
The Bulldogs Travis Thomas was high scorer for his club with 12 points & captured the Offensive MVP. BD's Dave Zmozynski, Krys Saunders David Delgado, Germaine Clarke and Jordan Hischer all contributed well to the win. Final Score: 32-0 for the Bulldogs.
Raiders Offensive MVP Ryan Dixon Defensive MVP Heinz Stork and MSL Alec Puntus.
Bulldogs Offensive MVP Travis Thomas (as noted), Defensive MVP Dave Zymozynski and MSL Dave Spackman

Game # 2 we had Untouchables vs the Hounds.
:( Sorry nothing to report as this was a forfeit on the Untouchable side due to attendance.
Hound win 6-0

Game # 3 was Cowboys vs Brew Crew
As I wasn't there to witness the action myself, looks like the Cowboys were working on al cylinders as high scorer Kevin Henry had 12 points along with his fellow ballers Arlond Lett, Imran Mohammed and Matt Healy all contributing.
On the Brew Crew's side they had Kevin Marryshow with 6 points.
My Beer Gut tells me that the Crew will turn things around in Week #2 one down at a time.
Final Score: Cowboys 32 Brew Crew 6
Brew Crew: Offensive MVP Kevin Marrshow, Defensive MVP Rich and MSL Jasper Marilla
Cowboys:|Offensive MVP Kevin Henry, Defensive MVP Arland Lett and MSL Tony Doyle

Now onto Central High School:

Game #1 Hawks vs Rogues
Hawks QB Scott Elkington (our Prez) was able to spread the ball across the line as his squad matched up against last years champs. Frank Katradis and Geoff Keen each had 6 points. Rob Wilson and Jeff Hernandez each scored single points.
Defensively vs the Rogues the Hawks successfully got 3 interceptions with the contribution from Goeff Keen and Timmy McCaskie.
But the Rogues strong efforts would prevail as baller Jeff Jacobs led the way with 4 interceptions and 12 points to help his squad become victorious. Ryan Stephens, Kevin McNeill and Dave "Mouse" Thomas contributed as well.
Final SCore: Rogues 28 Hawks 14
Hawks: Offensive MVP Frank Katradis, Defensive MVP Geoff Keen and MSL Jeff Hernandez
Rogues: Offensive MVP Jeff Jacobs, Defensie MVP Kevin McNeill and MSL Brandon Pottle

Game #2 Steelers vs Buckeyes
In this battle who could predict the outcome? The Steelers QB'd by experienced Dave Bye who is no stranger to the gridiron proved again that he can still lead an Offense.
The Steelers high scorer for the day was Matt Rogerson who ran crisp routes down the field to earn him 12 points on the day along with a 2 point convert from Mike Burke. Benny Bilz picked off the Buckeyes QB only once on this day and the Buckeyes were the ones who ended up victorious in this battle.
Dave St. Louis and Chris Pierre contributed with 3 interceptions total and 3rd string Buckeyes QB Buzz Bezzant spread the ball out to receivers Drew Pottle and Chris Pierre, Matt Chang. When these teams meet again it will be anyone's battle.
Final Score: Buckeyes 24 Steelers 12
Steelers: Offensive MVP Matt Rogerson, Defensive MVP Ben Bilz and MSL Patrick Shaw
Buckeyes: Offensive MVP Buzz Bezzant, Defensive MVP Shane Ruest and MSL Kyle Maclean

Game # 3 OPC vs Manimals
Again, we had an original squad and a new one go head to head. OPC's Ryan Henriques was the top scorer with 13 points and also 1 interception. Dave Chapelle put up 6 points with a nice over the shoulder catch and 30 yard scamper into the end zone.
OPC Defensive leader for interceptions, 3 total was Brain Santos.
The Manimals were unable to find the end zone in their debut but they were able to find a positive with an interception by Justin Glover. This squad will only get better one down at a time, keep it going boys.
Final SCore: OPC 31 Manimals 0
Manimals: Offensive MVP Ed Bosh, Defensive MVP Justin Glover and MSL Nick Ferris
OPC: Offensive MVP Ricardo Duarte, Defensive MVP Brian Santos and MSL TBD?

Ok my fellow ballers, ice up, focus and most important get excited again for another week of OTFL men's Football, because remember this is the regular season and we are all still trying to get the kinks out.

The only thing that you should worry about before each game is the 5 inches from your chest bone to your back bone and what I'm aiming at, is your "Heart !! cause this is what makes you keep the dream alive of having fun and get er done !!!

Yours in Football,
Buzz Bezzant
|PR OTFL Director
Member since 1989

Posted By: Bulldog4Life

Posted On: Jun 14th, 2013
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RE: Week #1 "What's the Buzz in the OTFL"?

Well done Buzz...great job...
now onto week 2....where are my prognosticators at? Quiet on that front....looking forward to hearing what ya'll think about this weekends early match-up between the Steelers and My Dogs!!!

Posted By: Bulldogs 34

Posted On: Jun 14th, 2013
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RE: Week #1 "What's the Buzz in the OTFL"?

Great write up Buzz!

Posted By: fan 590

Posted On: Jun 15th, 2013
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RE: Week #1 "What's the Buzz in the OTFL"?

A division looks really solid this year. Bulldogs and defending champs Rogues are probably the favorites at this point. Bye's teams always have strong players. Heard the Buckeyes added some good players for depth . The Mustangs could be a threat too with their mix of youth and experience. Good luck to all this year!

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