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Posted By: Buzz

Posted On: Sep 23rd, 2012
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Whats the Buzz in the OTFL Post Playoff Segment

Well this it fellow OTFL ballers, fans and supporters. Our regular season has come to a close and this past weekend was the test to all clubs to see who wanted it more on any given Sunday.

So with 12 Teams remaining in the race for their respected titles (consolation & semi's) we are getting closer for our crowned champs to take the Cup.

In the B Consolation Finals we have Untouchables vs OPC who both gave great battles till the end but falling short to make the B semi's. The Untouchable vs Hawks battle went into 3 OT's, with the Hawks moving on.

Hounds having a bye will now do battle vs the Cowyboys who upset the familiar and fast OPC squad. In the other B semi we have the Mustangs coming off a bye as well matching up against the Hawks.
In the B semis I honestly can't pick a winner as I know my spidey senses are telling me that these battles as well, will go down the wire.
Good Luck to all squads regardless.

In the A side we have in the A Consolation Cup the Lancers vs the All Blacks who are both coming off losses. Losing to the Bulldogs and Buckeyes. Again pending on what squad shows these two squads will fight it out as they always do as they have just come off playing each other 2 weeks ago in the Ontarios. (Lancers 9 All Blacks 8)

The two A semis, first game we have Rogues vs Bull Dogs, this game will come down to the team that makes the less mistakes and has less penalties. The Football Gods are calling for rain this day, so make sure you hold onto the rock!
Buckeyes vs Steelers are in the last A semi and the Steelers have had a long break, but sometimes this works towards your disadvantage, but the Steelers have players that play everywhere off of Oshawa soil, so this will be like riding a bike for them. Buckeyes though look consistent, calm and cool when they go into each game as they have their eye on the prize.
Also sending my Good Luck wishes to all the teams.

So before i go here is Buzz's Predictions, everyone else please post afterwards your forecast scores:

A Consolation: Lancers vs All Blacks, as I'm and AB, I'll let the Football Gods decide ;)
Rogues vs Bulldogs, Rogues in OT score: 23-22
Buckeyes vs Steelers Score: 28-21 Steelers

B Consolation: OPC over Untouchables Score: 14-13
Hounds vs Cowboys Score: Hounds 20-12
Hawks vs Mustangs Score: Hawks winning 16-14

So a couple of last reminders BANQUET Sunday September 30th @ the Bulldog after Finals. PLEASE buy a $10 ticket to hold your spot and then once @ the BD you will get back your $10 holding fee. See Scott, Mike Raf, Buzz or Kelly for ticket info.
Also GREAT Food, Prizes and more importantly Team and Individual Awards for all our Ballers in their divisions, including our very sucessful Coed divsion. Plus the NFL will be on.

Lastly schedule to catch the excitement:
9:00am "A" Consolation Lancers vs All Blacks
10:30am "A" Semi Rogues vs Bulldogs
High Noon: Buckeyes vs Steelers

Maxwell Heights
9:00am "A" Consolation Untouchables vs OPC
10:30am "B" semi Hounds vs Cowboys
High Noon: "B" semi Hawks vs Mustangs

Again best of luck to some amazing ballers, fans and supporters going into this weekends games.

Yours in "Whats the Buzz in the OTFL"


Posted By: Anonymous

Posted On: Sep 23rd, 2012
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RE: Whats the Buzz in the OTFL Post Playoff Segment

These games were already played today?

Posted By: Stats Man

Posted On: Sep 23rd, 2012
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RE: Whats the Buzz in the OTFL Post Playoff Segment

What were the scores from today at both fields Buzzzzzz. It looks like Buzz is still in rewind mode.

Posted By: TJ

Posted On: Sep 24th, 2012
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RE: Whats the Buzz in the OTFL Post Playoff Segment

Thanks to the Steelers for a good game. Well fought on both sides, it just came down to who made the plays when it mattered, and the Steelers made some big plays. Fun and close until the end, it was what competitive touch football is supposed to be.

Good luck in the Finals against the Rogues, who also played an entertaining game against the Bulldogs.

#18, TJ Bradimore, Oshawa Buckeyes.

Posted By: geoffj23

Posted On: Sep 24th, 2012
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RE: Whats the Buzz in the OTFL Post Playoff Segment

I have to admit that I?ve been impressed with the core players on the Buckeye?s. This team has stuck together through thick and thin, and remain a very competitive team both in Oshawa and on the Tour. The challenge is the players outside that core group. The Buckeye?s fielded a very athletic team in Kingston, and look at the result, beating a very tough Gridiron team to advance to the A QTR?s. If they can just figure out a way to get guys committed to their team full time, they will make the strides necessary to have greater success both in Oshawa and on the Tour.

Sure, we have a talented team of dudes from around TFONT, but all of us have been playing in Oshawa for years and on teams together in other leagues. Despite the benefit of our sponsor, we were planning this team since last year. Al approaching us with his offer to include a core group of Raiders just made it easier to make it all happen. That said, our success is due to the collective effort of all the players on the team, and it?s been fun getting to know these guys, and watching them enjoy the feeling of winning some games against stiff competition.

Looking to this Sunday, and the year in retrospect, even with the collective talent assembled on our squad, we only beat the Dogs by a total of 2 points, and split our series with the Rogues; A testament to the squads Spack and Rick have assembled. Sunday is far from cake walk, rather it?s a toss-up. I?m looking forward to Sunday, even though I will be absent, I hope both teams give everyone the showdown they?ve been waiting for.

Good luck to all.

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