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Posted By: Buzz

Posted On: Jul 20th, 2012
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What's the Buzz in the OTFL (Week 6)

One word for last week's battles, "HOT"! I hope all of our ballers stayed hydrated and out of the sun when they weren't doing battles.

We had 7 tilts this past weekend as the Mustangs and most of the Steelers were away at the Ottawa tourney. Hope all went well for those squads up in Ottawa?

4 battles @ Maxwell Heights with 3 teams playing double headers.

Game #1
Buckeyes vs Bulldogs
In this game we had lots of scoring for the Bull Dogs as top scorers Krys Saunders and Dave Zmozynski each had 13 pts. Chris Heath, Lewmar Henry and Tyler Stewart Maclean also contributed to the scoring. The Buckeyes offence was only able to put up one score and a convert made by Tim Wray (6) and Chris Pierre (1) respectively.
Final Score: Bulldogs 40 Buckeyes 7
"O" MVP's: Krys Saunders Bulldogs and Tim Wray Buckeyes
"D" MVP's: Dave Zmozynski and Jermaine Wallace
MSL: Andrew Thomas and Mike Fenton

Game #2
Bulldogs vs All Blacks
Since the Bull Dogs were all warmed up (literally) they stayed on a "hot" streak beating the All Blacks who came out with a skeleton bench. Six Bull Dogs contributed to the cause in this game taking the win over the All Blacks 33-12. Dave Zmozynski gave his regular stellar performance while Chris Heath, Nim Jenikovsky, Lewmar Henry and Tyler Stewart-MacLean also played strong. On the All Black's side, Matt Chang and Tim McCaskie contributed with 6 points each. Steve Chappelle was able to get one sack on the day placing him 2nd in the sack race.
Final Score: 33 - 12
"O" MVPs : Chris Heath Bull Dogs and Matt Changs All Blacks
"D" MVPs: Dave Zmozynski and Steve Chappelle
MSL : Dave Spackman and Tim McCaskie

Game #3
All Blacks vs Lancers
After a year and a half absence from the OTFL, Jay Steinberg led the Lancers to a well controlled win over the All Blacks 5-man team. This was clearly not the All Black's day on the scoreboard or on the attendance front. Top performances were made by Jay Steinberg with a pick six and Arun Srikandarajhn with 12 points. Ryan Whittam had a pick six as well. On the All Black's side, there was only a lone touchdown by Matt Chang to report on.
Final Score: Lancers 31 All Blacks 6
"O" MVP: Matt Chang All Blacks and Arun Srikandarajhn Lancers
"D" MVP: Steve Chappelle and Jay Steinburg
MSP: Rich Lafoy and Andrew Yeung

Game # 4
Rogues vs Lancers
Mother Nature had the final decision on this tilt, with a race against her to see who would have the lead after halftime. Lancers gave the Rogues a good challenge in the beginning, but the Rogues led 14-7 just past halftime when lighting struck twice. It was safety first for all the ballers, and the game was called early. Scorers for the day were Jay Steinburg and Mark Tang, 6 points and 1 point respectively for the Lancers, and Richie Allen and Brandon Pottle each with TD's for the Rogues.
Final Score due to Lighting: 14 Rogues 7 Lancers
O MVPs: Both QB's Jay Steinburg Lancers and Ricky Pottle Rogues
D MVPs: Nathan Tang and Richie Allen
MSL: Rob Grey and Dave Thomas

Eastdale Battles:
Game #1
Hounds vs Cowboys
The first place Hounds were focused on extending their divisional lead with their game against the Cowboys. None were more focused than league leading scorer Brandon Clark who added an incredible 24 points on the day. Matt Robinson had 2 sacks, helping the Hounds secure victory. For the Cowboys it was an uphill battle, but they didn't quit, as Wes King represented their offence on the day. Chins Up! Cowboys, bend but don't break is the name of the game. *Kelly's edit note: WOOOWOOOOO HOUNDS!!!! Keep me proud!!!*
Fnal Score: 26 -0
O MVPs: Wes King Cowboys and Kyle Amorim Hounds
D MVPs: None recorded and Matt Robinson
MSL: Kevin Henry and Geoff Bird

Game #2
Hawks vs Untouchables
The three scorers on the day for the Untouchables were Ryan Forde, Andrew Williams and Teran Richards. Jason Baker provided the D picking up an INT. For the Hawks Ben Blance was lone scorer. While Jeff Hernandez had a sack to remained tied for second place with the aforementioned Steven Chappelle, 4 back of the Hounds Jordan Clark.
Final score: 26 -6 Untouchables
O MVPs: Geoff Hughes Hawks and Andrew Williams
D MVPs: Jeff Hernandez and Ryan Forde
MSP: Ben Blanche and Kevin Smith

Game # 3
This was a closer battle than many probably expected with both teams playing the closest (full length) game of the day. For the OTFL squad we had James McWaters and Nick Ferris with 6 points each, while Eric Parent and Travis Hernandez each scored 2 points. OPC scorers were Paul Desousa with 18pts and Ryan Henriques with 9. Derek Ginter had 1 INT
Final score: OPC 28 OTFL 16
O MVPs: Paul Desousa and Nick Ferris
D MVPs: Derek Ginter and William O'Reilly
MSL: Dave Chappelle and Travis Hernandez

Here's hoping for a slightly cooler day for this coming Sunday. Good Luck to all fellow ballers going into Week #14 with all teams doing battle for the first time this season.

Again be reminded to hit up our League Sponsor "The Bulldog Pub" for some Cool Drinks and Hot Bites, hold onto your receipts as well. 600 Grandview Drive South Oshawa.

Yours in 'Whats the Buzz in the OTFL'

Posted By: kittylitter

Posted On: Jul 21st, 2012
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RE: What's the Buzz in the OTFL (Week 6)

Hey Buzz,

Nice work as usual! Who do I talk to about a stat change? Ryan Whittam actually had 2 pick sixes in our game. The second being the last play of the game if you recall. He had his other a couple drives prior. I remember it clearly because I was yelling for him to keep going for the stat!!! :)

Do you remember?

kittylitter aka Rob Grey

Posted By: kittylitter

Posted On: Jul 21st, 2012
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RE: What's the Buzz in the OTFL (Week 6)

He had three picks this weekend which give him a total of at least 4-5. Damn dawkins!!!! :)

Posted By: Scott

Posted On: Jul 21st, 2012
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RE: What's the Buzz in the OTFL (Week 6)

Hey Kitty Litter,

It's your team reps responsibility to ensure all the stats are correct before the card is submitted. Once the card is submitted we will not make any changes. All team reps are expected to meet with the officials after the game ends to ensure all stats are correct for the game.



Posted By: kittylitter

Posted On: Jul 21st, 2012
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RE: What's the Buzz in the OTFL (Week 6)

Thanks Scott. I figured as much.

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