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Posted By: Buzz

Posted On: Jun 21st, 2012
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What's the Buzz in Week #3

Wow! Another exciting week of great balling in the OTFL with all players representing their squads down after down.

In the "B" division, it's a tight race for the top 3 spots with the OPC, Hounds & Untouchables all leading the pack with records of 2-1. Hawks & Cowboys are even with 1-1-1 records while the OTFL squad is playing the old "Bend don't Break" type of Football and are still giving it 110%.

In the "A" division, the Steelers are having a "strong as steel" start with a 3-0 record. Following close behind are the Bull Dogs (2-1-1) and Rogues (2-1-0). The All Blacks 1-1-1 puts them in 4th, while the Lancers and Buckeyes are holding their own at 1-2. The Raiders, who are scoring and playing well on "D" are just coming up short in their battles and sit 0-3.

From the OTFL Stats department, we have Chad "Scoop" Mallen holding in 1st with 41 pts, followed by Krys "The Professor" Saunders with 36 and Dave Zmozynski with 33. On the "D" side we have OPC's (not to be Cocky LOL) Phil Oliveria with 4 I N T's while Hawks Frank Katradis and OTFL's Jordan Hatcher both 3 picks. Steve Chappelle finds himself in his usual position atop the sack leader board with 8, but Jordan Clark (Hounds) and Jeff Hernandez (Hawks) are right on his heels with 7 a piece.

Now onto the battles.

Let's start at Maxwell Heights:

Game #1 Steelers vs Bulldogs

Holy Yellow Batman!! In a cell phone post game interview with Bulldogs' team captain Travis Thomas (or as i like to call him Double "T"), he stated, "seemed the last team to have the ball would win this one". High scorer of the day was Bull Dogs' Krys "The Professor" Saunders as he racked up 18 points. Defensively for the Bull Dogs, Brett "Seabiscuit" Herod and Chris Heath each had a sack. The Steelers' offence was led by Jason Segree (14 pts) and Chad "Scoop" Mallen (12 pts). One of the key plays of the game was a beautiful post pass thrown by QB Dave Bye to Jason Segree. Travis "I stilll got the moves like Jagger" Hill contributed with 3 pts as Kevin "Chizzy" Charles played strong "D" with 1 interception. Bull Dogs' QB, Dave Spackman, powered his "O" down the field but a desperation effort by the Bull Dogs fell just short. The Steelers squeaked out the win this time but the next contest will be anyone's game.

Score: Steelers 29 Bulldogs 27
Bulldogs: Krys Saunders (O), Lewmar Henry (D) & Brett Herod (MSP)
Steelers: Chad Mallen (O), Kevin Charles (D) & Al Puntus (MSP)
Game MVP: Jason Segree

Game #2 - Buckeyes vs Bulldogs

Did someone say there was a circus in town this weekend? Well that's what happened in the this game. Up to half this game was even steven with 7-7. Then to start off the second half "Super" Dave Zmozynski made a "fly through the air, do a summer sault land on your head, stay in bounds" reception, turning the heads of everyone in attendance. Germaine Clarke combined with Zmozynski for 27 pts total. On defence for the Bull Dogs', Chris Heath & Bryant Trotman each had one sack. For the Buckeyes side offensively it was Mike "RAF" Rafuse leading his squad with 13 pts and Matt Wood on defense with one sack. Buckeyes should go to the same circus school that Super Dave Z went to even the playing fields the next time these two teams meet.

Score: Bulldogs 34 Buckeyes 13

Buckeyes: Mike Raf (O), Matt Wood (D) & Janssen Skinner (MSP)
Bulldogs: Germain Clarke (O), Chris Heath (D) & Brett " Seabiscuit" (MSP)
Game MVP: Dave Zmozynski

Game # 3 - Buckeyes vs Lancers

Due to the Lancers consuming all u can eat oysters on saturday night, they were unable to attend, resulting in a forfeit. Get better my loyal Lancers, see you all real soon.
Buckeyes win by default:
Score: Buckeyes 7 Lancers 0
MVP: The Oysters

Battles on the East Side (Eastdale)

Game #1 - Rogues vs All Blacks

A classic battle between 2 veteran clubs with a lot of history. It's always a personal pleasure to play in this battle, having been a Rogue for 5 seasons - but now sporting an All Black jersey. Kevin Park played great on both sides of the ball (2 pts, 1 INT, 1 sack) while Steven Chappelle and Matt Chang each had 1 sack against shifty Rogues QB Brandon Pottle. Yours truly, Buzz Bezzant, scored a TD for the second week in a row, receiving a wide open pass from Che "Quack, Quack" Lafoy. Andrew Brimpong of the Rogues was the stand out player of the game tabulating 12 pts. Ryan Stephens had a nice kick return for a touchdown and Drew "Youngblood" Pottle contributed 2 pts.

Score: Rogues 21 All Blacks 16

All Blacks: Matt Chang (O), Kevin Park (D) & Buzz Bee (MSP)
Rogues: Andrew Brimpong (O), Drew Pottle (D) & Richard Pottle (MSP)
Game MVP: Brandon Pottle

Game # 2 - Raiders vs Rogues

After getting nice and warmed up in the game against the All Blacks, the Rogues took to the field to take on the new-look Raiders squad. By resting during game one against the All Blacks, Rogues QB Rick Pottle was able come out strong completing TD passes to Andrew Brimpong and Drew Pottle, as well as a pair of TDs to Ryan Stephens. Andrew Blair had 1 interception on the day to lead the Rogues defence. For the Raiders, S (still not sure if he has a first name) Sheppard once again put up the sole points for the Raiders in this contest.

Score: Raiders 6 Rogues 38

Raiders: S Sheppard (O), D Not determined, Lorin Brady (MSP)
Rogues: Rick Pottle (O), Andrew P (D), Shad Ross (MSP)
Game MVP: Paul Leckey

Game # 3 - Steelers vs Raiders

The Steelers had to take their Team Bus travelling south from Maxwell Heights to Eastdale for this match up. For the Steelers we had 4 ballers all getting a TD's (Jason Segree, Chad Mallen, Mark "Tetley" Phillips and Travis Hill). In an attempt to steal Mallen`s nickname, Chris Goddard literally scooped a 2 pt convert and added an interception. On the Raiders side of the ball, S Sheppard was leading the scoring once again with 12 pts scoring while B Blair added 6.
In the end Steelers prevailed.

Score: Steelers 29 Raiders 18

Raiders: S Sheppard (O), S Cavaluru (D) & Lorin Brady (MSP)
Steelers:Scoop Mallen (O), Chris Goddard (D) & Mark Phillips (MSP)
Game MVP: Dave Bye

Now onto the ?B? battles @ Central Collegiate:

Game # 1 - OTFL vs Hounds

It was an uphill battle for the OTFL team against a young Hounds squad, even with great offensive and defensive efforts by team OTFL leaders Jason Wouters and Jordan Hischer. With 6 Hounds scoring individually this was a one-sided contest. The OTFL squad gave it their all and there is a positive outlook for this new squad going into week #4 with 3 new names joining the roster - I'm behind them all the way.

Score: OTFL 0 Hounds 40

OTFL: JasonWouters (O), Jordan Hischer (D) & Greg Nekkers (MSP)
Hounds: Aaron Johnson (O), Jordan Clark (D) & Esteban Correa (MSP)
Game MVP:Aaron Johnson

Game #2 - Hawks vs Cowboys

It was old vs. new as we saw our veteran Hawks squad taking on the newly merged Cowboys. Both squads were evenly matched with the game going back and forth. Scoring for the Hawks were Derek Fitzgerald and Matt Siekowski each with a TD, while for the Cowboys ballers Imran Mohammed and Wes King had TDs of their own. Wes King also added what would turn out to be a very important rouge to finish off the first half. In the end, this was a "kiss your sister contest" as both clubs broke even

Score Hawks 13 Cowboys 13

Hawks: Derek Fitgerald (O), Jeff Hernandez (D) & Scott Elkington (MSP)
Cowboys: Wes King (O), Dave Griffith (D) & Kevin Henry (MSP)
Game MVP: None Specified

Game #3

OPC vs Untouchables
OPC had to be pretty confident coming into this game with their 2 ? 0 record while the Untouchables came in with a record of 1 ? 1. But in the words of Chris Berman ?that?s why they play the games?. OPC looked totally out matched in the first half of this one as the Untouchables? defence was flying around the field on defence and knocking down many of Ricardo Duarte?s passes. OPC did make a QB change late in the game with Ryan Henriques taking over and leading OPC down the field and finishing the drive with a TD pass to Duarte. While it may have been too little too late to pull out this game, it begs the question ?is there a QB controversy in Cockland?? *dunh dunh dunhhhhh* For OPC, siblings Daniel and Phil Olivearia had solid defensive outings with 2 sacks and 2 interceptions respectively. It was all Untouchables in the scoring department with Andrew Williams contributing nearly half the points at 14.

Score: Untouchables 32 OPC 6

OPC: Ricardo Duarte (O), Daniel Oliveira (D) & Phil Oliveira (MSP)
Untouchables: Andrew Williams (D) & Jelani Adams (MSP)
Game MVP: None Specified

Due to the Tfont tournament in Kingston this weekend Buzz will only have 3 battles to report on. Best of luck to the teams repping the OTFL in Kingston and also our OTFL ?B? squads who will keep the season driving forward.

Don?t forget to visit our sponsor Bull Dog Pub (located in the Grandview Plaza, 600 Grandview St. S., corner of Grandview and Bloor) for great food and cold drinks after your game or during the week. Keep your receipts for a chance to win a great prize at the year end banquet.

Yours in Whats the Buzz in the OTFL, signing off
Your PR Director

Posted By: Double T

Posted On: Jun 22nd, 2012
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RE: What's the Buzz in Week #3

Good read Buzz. Looking good out there as well. Slim and a touchdown machine. cheers

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