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Posted By: Buzz

Posted On: Jun 15th, 2012
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What's the Buzz in Week #2

Hello all fellow OTFL Ballers. Week # 2 has come and gone and I know Mr. Anthony was excited with the forecasted picks that were projected - Great to have you aboard again; same to Book It!, Giddy Up!, Captain Cock, and "Kelly" too ;) ... and yes of course "Bulldog 4Life"(NJ)

Congrats firstly to all our ballers, officials and fans for fighting the ailments of the Weather Gods as we all made a tough run through the high temperatures - and it's not even the summer yet.

Without further ado, your post game review.

3 Battles @ Maxwell Heights:

Game #1 - OTFL vs OPC

Well with a good win last weekend, OPC continues to shine - a full 180 from last season. In scoring for the Cocks, we have high scorer Fill Oliveria with 13 pts, followed by Ryan Henriques 8 pts, and Dave "Hands" Chappelle, Paul DeSousa & Ricardo all with 6 pts each. A solid rush by Daniel Oliveira with 4 sacks. On the other side, with a valiant effort on "D", OTFL'er Jordan Hischer with 1 interception, as well as a great showing by Greg Nekkers. The OTFL squad will only get stronger as the weeks go on; let's be sure to encourage our new OTFL Family club - have some fun and get it done boyz.

Score: OPC 40 OTFL 0
OTFL: Jordan Hischer (D), Greg Nekkers (O) & Kevin Quinn (MSP)
OPC: Ryan Henriques (O), Phil Oliveria (D) & Dave Chappelle (MSP)
Game MVP: Ricardo Duarte

Game #2 - Lancers vs Raiders
Our returning, but QB-less Lancers fared well in this battle against the returning 'edited version of 2011' Raiders. Lancers' Rob " I still got it" Grey scored 12 pts, with Mark Tang putting up 6 pts. Steve Newman on the "D" recorded 1 Interception. With dual playing capabilities, S "I don't have a first name" Shepard scoring and sacking on both sides of the line with 1 score & 3 sacks. By the look of things this could of been anyone's win, but there can only be one winner.

Score: Lancers 18 Raiders 6
Lancers: Bill "Hound/Bird" Koz (O), Steve Newman (D) & Rob Grey (MSP)
Raiders: S Sheppard capturing both O & D, Lorin Brady (MSP)
Game MVP: Bill Koz

Game #3 - Lancers vs Steelers
Our last battle of the day was an interesting one.The Lancers played another 4 Quarters against the newly formed Steelers. For those who don't know, the Steelers are a good portion of the old Raiders club, with the addition of some new-to-the-OTFL experienced ballers. The Lancers' Billy Koz' had his time to shine, stealing the limelight from Mr. Grey with 12 points. Not to bow out quietly, Rob Grey put up a 2 point contribution. The Steelers "O" looked good with high scorer of the day, Chad "Scoop" Mallen, earning 20 points. Travis "Speedy" Hill & Jeff Johnson scored 8 and 2 points respectively. Defensively, Andrew Blair had 1 sack, with Derrick Ogden & Travis Hill each recording 1 pick.Given the Lancers played 8 quarters of ball in 3 straight hours of high heat, they gave one hell of a great battle.

Score: Steelers 30 Lancers 14
Lancers: Billy Koz (O), Robbie Grey (D) & Allen "Vegas" Szeto (MSP)
Steelers: Chad Mallen (O), Derreick Ogden (D) & Alec Puntus (MSP)
Game MVP: Chad Mallen

3 Battles @ Central

Game # 1 - Buckeyes vs All Blacks
These two teams are no strangers to one another, going head-to-head countless times last season.... here we go again to start off 2012. As one would expect, it was a fight till the bitter end between these two experienced teams. Matt Rafuse & Chris Pierre were the offensive leaders, as they connected up & down the gridiron with QB Mike Rafuse. Defensively, TJ Bradimore and Chris Pierre contributed 1 interception a piece. Leading the All Blacks scoreboard was Kevin Park (8 points), followed closely by Buzz Bezzant & Kyle Shaw (6 points each). It was Steve Chappelle on defense that stole the show, earning himself 6 sacks to prove that, even against top teams, he is capable of maintaining his rushing title from last season. These two clubs played respectfully and competitively, and in the end it was the All Blacks who took this match.

Score: All Blacks 21 Buckeyes 20
Buckeyes: Matt Rafuse (O), TJ Bradimore (D) & Chris Pierre (MSP)
All Blacks: Matt Chang (O)
Game MVP: None Specified.

Game #2 - All Blacks vs Bull Dogs

Another team that made some changes to the chemistry of their club during the off season, were the Bull Dogs. QB Guru & OTFL long-time veteran Dave Spackman traded in one yellow jersey for another, bringing with him some key ballers from last years 'A' finalists - Sun Devils. This tilt was all Bulldogs in the beginning, as Spackman connected with all his receivers while running his patented motion offence. High scorer for the pooches was Dave Zmozyniski with 12 points. Chris Heath also contributed a touchdown to avoid defeat. The All Blacks' key receiver Kevin Park impressed the scouts by scoring 12 points in the game (20 point combined total - not bad for a day in the office). This game came right down to the last play; After a scrambling effort, Rich Lafoy threw the tying convert.

Score: Bull Dogs 19 All Blacks 19
Bulldogs: Dave Z (O), Germaine Clarke (D) & Brett "Sea Biscuit" Herod (MSP)
All Blacks: Matt Chang (O), Dave St.Louis (D) & Buzz Bezzant (MSP)
Game MVP: None Specified

Game #3 - Rogues vs Bull Dogs

The Rogues drew a difficult game against Bull Dogs v2.0 in their quest to defend their 2011 title. While this game had a lot of exciting offensive plays, 7 combined interceptions had both squad?s defense in the public eye. The Rogues' Ryan Forde scored 13 points, while defensively they had a total of 4 interceptions on the day; Father & son duo Dale and Michael Robson each had 1 with Andrew Bringpong adding another. Krys "Professor" Saunders taught a lesson on how to score, as he led the Bull Dogs with 18 points. Germaine Clarke kept his temperature red hot for game 2 of 2, putting up 12 more points against the Rogues. Bryant Trotman, David Delgado & Lewmar Henry all had 1 interception each for the Bull Dogs.
On this day, the Bull Dogs had the upper hand but the Rogues will remember this in the future and we are sure to see a tighter match next time around.

Score: Bull Dogs 32 Rogues 13
Rogues: Ryan Forde (O), Andrew Ping Pong (D) & Rick Pottle (MSP)
Bull Dogs: Krys Saunders (O), Lewmar Henry (D) & back to back Brett Herod (MSP)
Game MVP: Dave Spackman

2 battles @ Eastdale

Game #1 - Untouchables vs Cowboys
Great way to start off the day, with an even-kilter ?continuing education? game. On one side, you have the Cowboys who are learning one another?s strengths and weaknesses, and on the other side, a team learning the ins and outs of straight rush. Cowboys? Kevin Henry showed off his strength in rushing; with 4 sacks against the Untouchables? QB, Henry has eased into an early-season tie for third place. The "O" had Dave Griffith earning 12 points and Imran Mohammed with a score and 2 points. On the Untouchables squad we had Khary and Nkosi Adams not only a TD each, but also contributed a combined total of 3 interceptions for the "D" - great effort guys. In the end, the Untouchables fell short as the Cowboys went ahead to win this battle.

Score: Cowyboys 27 Untouchables 12
Untouchables: Nkosi Adams (O), Khary Adams (D) & Kevin Forde (MSP)
Cowboys: Dave Griffith (O), Kevin Henry (D) & Chris Bovis (MSP)
Game MVP: Imran Mohammed

Game # 2 - Hawks vs Hounds
These two squads match up well, being equally balanced on both sides of the ball. Our prognosticator?s were split in decision for who would the win, and in the end JA & KA were left with a strike against them for betting against the Hawks. The difference in tilt could very well be attributed to the Hawks? Defense stepping up in the sack and interception department. The Hounds had a good showing with Aaron Johnson and Brandon Clark each with a score. Hawks QB's, our own Commish, Scott Elkington managed to spread the ball around strategically. Scorers Frank Katradis and Ben Blanche with their TD?s had nothing on Jeff Hernandez who tore up the gridiron putting up a TD, 2 pointer, and 4 sacks.
Perhaps it was being deemed the underdogs that brought out the integrity of the Hawks?. Will JA & KA learn for next time? Or will the Hounds get their heads back into the game and capture the next win?

Score: Hawks 20 Hounds 12
Hounds: Brandon Clark (O), Aaron Johnson (D) & Esteban Correa (MSP)
Hawks: FrankKatradis (O), Jeff Hernandez (D) & Derek Fitzgerald (MSP)
Game MVP: Ben Blanche

Yours in Football Post Reporting,
PR Director - Buzz Bezzant

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