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Posted By: kelly

Posted On: Jun 8th, 2012
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OTFL Picks Contest - $$ Prize

Like reading what the prognosticators have to say, and want to get in on the action but just don't have the je ne sais quoi to write them up yourself? Here's your chance...... oh... and there is a cash prize involved.

Every full week of games (so non-tourney weekends), all OTFL players have the opportunity to submit your picks...

You are not obligated to submit your picks every non-tourney week, but the more you contribute, the better your odds are of taking home the $$ prize.

All picks must be emailed to: Picks@oshawafootball.com

How to play:

? Of all the games being played, you can pick up to 4 teams who you think will win.

? The only stipulation, is that you cannot pick against your own team (in other words, you cannot pick your opponent to win. You CAN pick your team to win though)

? There are no best bets... no spread... straight up wins -vs- losses.

?If you pick a Tie Game you will receive half a point.

Picks Deadline:

? To keep it fair and for us to add all the data into our spreadsheet, all picks must be submitted by 8pm on Saturday. (So picks for the games on June 17th are due on Saturday, June 16th by 8pm).

? in the email, include your name, team name and indicate your picks. Since there are quite a few double headers, we will not accept just saying "the hawks". Instead, we need to know you mean "the hawks will beat the ________".

?An email will be sent out to all that week's players revealing what everyone has picked so ya'll know its legit.

?After each week a running total of points will be available for online viewing.

The Winner:

? This is for regular season games only
? The winner with the highest score will be awarded $150 cash at the banquet.
? In the event of a tie score at the end of the season, the cash prize will be divided equally.

Have I covered everything? If there's a loop hole, post a comment below and we will iron out the details before we start up on the 17th.

If your wondering why we are starting next week and not this week, we wanted to give everyone a chance to see the new teams in action. We also recognize that most people dont stop by the message board until after the season is underway so we wanted to make it a fair start time for all.


Posted By: kelly

Posted On: Jun 10th, 2012
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RE: OTFL Picks Contest - $$ Prize

(W - T - L)

SC: 5 - 1 - 2
KA: 4 - 1 - 3
JA: 3 - 1 - 4

think you can do better? all you have to do is pick 4... and pick 'em right...

sure.. sometimes the dead obvious won't quite fall the way you expect (injuries, attendance, voodoo), so anything can happen... ! :)

Posted By: kelly

Posted On: Jun 10th, 2012
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RE: OTFL Picks Contest - $$ Prize

oh... and those running totals up top are just for the msg board prognosticating totals...

the contest starts with next weeks games.. woowoo

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