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Posted By: Buzz

Posted On: Jun 8th, 2012
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What's the BUZZ in week #1

What?s the Buzz in the OTFL - Week #1

First off, welcome back to all the returning players and welcome to the OTFL for all the new ballers. For most players the upcoming week will be their squad?s first week of action due to the Tfont tourney this past weekend. However, we officially kicked off the new season with our B division teams playing three games last Sunday.

As your new PR Director for 2012, I will be posting weekly stories and follow-up to all the ?Any Given Sunday ? games and events. Please, as I?m new to this gig, be flexible with my style, keep in mind as I wasn't around to witness all the games last week I?m only working this week from the scorecards.

Future weeks I?ll be able to be more personal from viewing the action first hand, with that said here is some tidbits from Week #1 which took place at Maxwell Heights Field.

Game 1
In Game 1 we had a battle between the Cowboys, who are the fusion of last year?s Turtles and Longhorns, and the veteran Hounds team.
The young Hounds had a strong opening week with Brandon Clark gathering 12 points as well as an interception. Defensively for the Hounds, Jordan Clark set the bar high for all rushers, earning himself an impressive 4 sacks.
The Cowboys got their contributions from Kevin Henry (6 pts) and Matt Healy (2 pts).

Final Score: Hounds 32 Cowyboys 8
Offensive MVP's: Cowboys? Kevin Henry and the Hounds? Brandon Clark Hounds
Defensive MVP?s: Cowboys? Matt Healy and the Hounds? Jordan Clark
Game MVP : Brandon Clark
Great showings by both clubs as they will only get stronger in week two.

Game 2
In Game 2 we had two new-to-the-OTFL squads doing battle as the OTFL Team took on the Untouchables
On the Untouchables side of the ball, it looks that Jerlani Adams stole the show with 12 points and 2 interceptions. Jermaine James had 1 pick to help the Untouchables secure their victory.
For the OTFL Team, Trevor Hernandez had 6 points and Kyle Merstorf had 2 solid sacks.
I have a feeling the next time these squads meet up it will be a defensive battle.
Final Score: Untouchables 26 OTFL 7
Offensive MVP?s: Trevor Hernandez for OTFL and Khary Adams for the Untouchables
Defensive MVP?s: Kyle Merstorf for OTFL and Jelani Adams for The Untouchables
Game MVP: Jelani Adams

Game 3
The last blast of the day matched up returning squads, OPC and the Hawks.
By studying the scorecard, it looks like we had 4 ballers from OPC take control of the points and the game with Ryan Henriques scoring a game 8 points while going a step above to add in there an interception. Double Dave?s Desousa and Hepworth also contributed 6 points a piece.
Over to the Hawks, athletic and old school baller Ben Blanche led his team with 6 points, while defensively Jeff Hernandez had one sack and Matt Siekowski had one pick for the day.
Looks like the OPC squad has made some changes and improvements in the off season, look out for the mighty Cocks!
Final Score: OPC 21 Hawks 7
Offensive MVP?s : Hawk?s Scott Elkington (our Prez) & OPC`s Ryan Henriques
Defensive MVP?s: Hawk`s Matt Siekowski and OPC`s Daniel Oliviera
Game MVP: Ryan Henriques

Have some game highlights you want to share? Email buzz@oshawafootball.com by Monday morning with your story and I will include it in the ?OTFL Weekly Buzz?.

Till week 2 , this is Buzz signing off.
Yours in OTFL Football


Posted By: Bulldog4Life

Posted On: Jun 8th, 2012
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RE: What's the BUZZ in week #1

Great job Buzz!!

Posted By: kelly

Posted On: Jun 9th, 2012
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RE: What's the BUZZ in week #1

nice read buzz... love how you've added in the MVP summary at the bottom... good call.

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