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Posted By: John Anthony

Posted On: Jun 8th, 2012
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Week 2 picks

Well with the OTFL starting on a Tfont Tournament weekend I totally missed my picks last week. C'est le vie. Onto the Week 2 picks.


9:00 am


Checking the scores from week 1 OPC looks to be a contender this year whereas this new OTFL team looks like it may take them a few weeks to get things figured out. Give me OPC to win easily over OTFL in the battle of the abbreviations.

Lancers v. Raiders

I've heard the Raiders lost a lot of players in the off season. Whether this will make them a stronger team or not remains to be seen. The Pacas era of the Lancers has ended just as quickly as it begun and they have Jay Steinberg back at the helm this season. I have the Lancers as my dark house team to possibly win the whole thing this year and thats starts this week with a win over the new look Raiders.

Lancers v. Steelers

Not sure yet what to expect from this new Steelers team. They have a lot of talent from what I've heard but until they show me something I'm going to have to take a tired Lancers team to win a close one over the Steelers.

Buckeyes v. All Blacks

Should be a great battle between these two veteran OTFL teams. The Buckeyes won the regular season series last year so for that reason alone give me them to win the opening game this season.

All Blacks v. Bulldogs

I've heard JA's favourite team made some huge acquistions this off season by picking up nearly the whole Sun Devils team. This has to make them an early favourite in what should be a very competitive top division. Give me the Bulldogs to beat a tired All Blacks team.

Rogues v. Bulldogs

It would seem the schedule makers have given us a potential championship preview in the opening week. My head say Rogues but for some reason my gut says the Bulldogs will pull this one out despite being on the back end of a double header. I'll go with my gut and take the Bulldogs in a close one.

Untouchables v. Cowboys

Two new teams both with experienced football players. Going strictly off last week's scores I like the Untouchables to win this game.

Hawks v. Hounds

Heard that the Hawks made a change at QB with the Tuna taking over the reins. These two teams met at the OTFL early bird tournament twice and the Hounds easily took both victories. No reason to believe they won't do it again. Give me the Hounds in a low scoring game.

Well there you have it. My first set of picks. As always please let me know your thoughts and good luck to everyone this season. Hopefully there will be a few other prognosticators this season besides just JA and KA.


Posted By: KA

Posted On: Jun 8th, 2012
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RE: Week 2 picks


OPC is looking good...... clearly all their Sunday morning dates in the off season to improve their game has worked... OTFL looks promising, but they are still working out their details and figuring each other out.... OPC for an effortless win.

Lancers vs Raiders
Well... based on what is public knowledge about the Raiders split.... I really don't know who all is left on this team other than a few guys... are there even enough to field a team? no idea... regardless..... Lancers to win with a slaughter fest.

Lancers v. Steelers

.... I love the story of the Steelers... it's so Hollywood drama... "from the ashes of a great fire, rose the champion Steelers"... would make for an excellent movie.... alas.... I don't quite think it will happen this week... I have a feeling the Steelers, like with the other newly formed teams, will be using this week to get their feet wet as a new group...... whereas the Lancers are already in the grove. Lancers to win, but not in slaughter house fashion...

Buckeyes vs All Blacks

All Blacks have been getting their crap together! I think this one will be close... JA picked the Buckeyes because of last year's standings.. well... I am all for looking ahead and not behind for this game --- and I have a feeling the All Blacks will take it... but just barely.

All Blacks vs Bulldogs

Spack & Bulldogs... wow... I said this would be a great union... and then it happened... so how can I not vote for them? Bulldogs had the talent and dedication from before, but just needed the experience and a kickass QB behind them...... and now - they have it. This merge couldn't have been any better for the Bulldogs who, last year, were out for blood but just couldnt quite get it.... All blacks look good, but will be damn tired. Bulldogs with at least +2 scores over the All blacks.

Rogues vs Bulldogs

I echo JA in that this could very well be the championship match up right here... but sway HEAVILY on who I think the victors will be..... JA... seriously?!??!?!? SERIOUSLY?!?!?!?! Rogues have their shit together... they have proven it year... after year.. after decade... Bulldogs will be good... they will be damn good.. but they will be on the tail end of the double header, and they still need to learn their way as a T-E-A-M. Spack can only work so much magic..... and I think his magic will wear out on this one.... too bad... cause i know he will be looking to redeem himself after last years championship defeat.... (it will happen the next time these 2 meet).

Untouchables vs Cowboys

Hrmmmmm.... I will take the cowboys for this one... i havent seen enough of either to really make a true call... but since JA said untouchables, i figured i would even out the vote.

Hawks vs Hounds

see ya later hawks.... Scott.... you know i think you are the best looking QB ... in the UNIVERSE... not to mention the most athletic... ahem... but the Hounds are looking awesome this year and they are damnwell due! They are going to be one of my fave teams.. and how can they not be? 2 words: Brandon Clark. People think i dyed my hair purple for the co-ed intercepticons... truth be told.. its for the hounds.... ;)

ta daaaaaa....

Stay tuned.. tonight I will post the details about how YOU can win some money putting in your picks... yayyyayyayayayayyyyyyyyy....

Posted By: Bulldog4Life

Posted On: Jun 8th, 2012
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RE: Week 2 picks

Oh yeah baby...JA's favourite team is back and badder than ever!!! Love your picks my man! The league will most definitely see a different bulldogs team this year. Great new QB addition and a host of other great players were added to our already talented roster. Can't wait to get on the field and do our thang!!!!
Kelly, can't believe you picked against us with the Rogues. Sure they were last years champions but like you said in a previous pick, you ain't looking back but rather forward...and this year there'll be a new top dawg team in the league, and no it's not the Hounds!

Grrrrrrrrrrrrrr woof woof!!!!

Posted By: KA

Posted On: Jun 8th, 2012
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RE: Week 2 picks

I wasn't looking into last year for just THAT game. ;)

There's no doubt you guys will do awesome this year... But i think you guys will just need to get in sync before you can take on the rogues and win....

Just my thoughts. :) I won't throw in the fact that I'm the reigning prognosticator champ. Ahem.

Posted By: ka

Posted On: Jun 8th, 2012
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RE: Week 2 picks

And for the record.... I did say that you guys would take out the rogues the next time you meet them...

Happy day!

Posted By: kelly

Posted On: Jun 8th, 2012
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RE: Week 2 picks

wow... im rusty on the msg board... .

grove = groove*

anddddd... it shouldve read "i WAS looking into last year" yadda yadda...

sooo.. how about them jays?

Posted By: sideline kelly

Posted On: Jun 10th, 2012
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RE: Week 2 picks

Cowboys took out the untouchables. I think their fusion was a good call in the off season. They looked great.

It should be noted the untouchables only had 6 guys. With this heat, I'm sure that didn't help their chances.

Posted By: sideline kelly

Posted On: Jun 10th, 2012
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RE: Week 2 picks

OPC destroyed the OTFL team on the scoreboard.. wasnt there to witness it first hand though?

lancers lit up the raiders... even without a QB...
but then the lancers fell to their knees before the steelers... ohhhh sooo hollywoodddddd!!! :) the lancers did as well as they could for not having a QB and being on their 2nd game of the day... hopefully Jay makes it out to help his team against the Buckeyes next week...

just heard that the all blacks beat the buckeyes by 1 in the final seconds.... and then tied the bulldogs in the next game..

bulldogs then took out the rogues...


running totals:

JA - 3 - 1 - 4
KA - 4 - 1 - 3
SC - 5 - 1 - 2

Baby chappelle takes an early lead over JA & KA ... damn lancers... rogues... hounds... do i have to give you all a pep talk?!?!? im heading into next week bitter. one of you will pay the price in my prediction... if not all...

congrats baby chappelle...

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