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Posted By: Curious

Posted On: Oct 23rd, 2011
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Wow what a day!!!

i know the Buccaneers, Sun Devils, & Rogues won!! what happened at the other field? Also what were the scores & game play like???

Posted By: donevan

Posted On: Oct 23rd, 2011
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RE: Wow what a day!!!

raiders beat lancers 21-0
mustangs won
think hounds beat turtle?

Posted By: Fact Finder

Posted On: Oct 23rd, 2011
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RE: Wow what a day!!!

Bulldogs only had 6 guys show up.

Lancers were without either of their QBs.
No wonder they lost.

Turtles kept it close but fell victim to the Hounds.

Posted By: Kid O

Posted On: Oct 24th, 2011
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RE: Wow what a day!!!

Personally, I believe every win the Raiders have this season has been to due to good fortune. It's hard to believe a bunch of arrogant, old farts and a couple of marginally talented, younger rejects could have this level of success year after year. I don't see why they should be on the field next week to try and three-peat as B division champs. Now, if this were a beer drinking championship,then they would be deserving of that title.

Personally, I can't see how the Mustangs loss this one. The Raiders were lucky to beat them last time.

Posted By: kelly

Posted On: Oct 24th, 2011
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RE: Wow what a day!!!

someone can correct me if im wrong...

but i do believe when the Mustangs and Raiders last met up, the Mustangs were also without their starting QB...

which is how the whole theory of "luck" started on my end.. [and JA later broke down his whole theory of how/why he considers them lucky as well.]

aside from a certain some'1'.. i have no issues with that team.. so my comments of "LUCK" isn't that they were lucky to win... they do have some talent...

its they were LUCKY to be facing a short-stacked opposing team... time.. and time again..

and that is lucky.. sure, the other teams should have had their guys show up.. but lets face it.. at the end of the day, you guys arent getting paid to play in the OTFL... and if other commitments come up, then other commitments come up.... sucks for the team, great opportunity for the Raiders...

i wont be making picks this week... because im sick of that person whom i dislike sharing the same section of the internet with me... but on a normal day, do i think that the Raiders are the best team in B? no. Do they have a chance at winning against the Mustangs --- they've shown they can handle the stresses of finals... so sure... who knows what will happen...

raiders squad: you can hate my opinions/picks all you want... but rest assured, they are not based on that '1' person...... contrary to what may be thought, im not pathetic like that.. i call it how i see it... i pick the team who i think will win, and pick the team who i think will lose.. there is no 1 team that i have picked to win every week - at least not knowingly? dont hang me to the cross because i put to text what many of you do amongst yourselves on the sidelines..... maybe im foolish for for putting my name beside it.. .. but for me, it just doesnt seem right to say something in hiding.. ive never been one to hide behind a tree and throw rocks... the same applies here.

Posted By: brett

Posted On: Oct 24th, 2011
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RE: Wow what a day!!!

Don't let that person get to you Kelly, our team enjoys all your picks & banter. It's what helps make this league fun & please don't let that affect your contributions to this site :( Hey you picked against us & your reasoning was sound :)

Keep up with your "great words of wisdom" Kelly style!!!

Posted By: kelly

Posted On: Oct 24th, 2011
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RE: Wow what a day!!!

thanks brett! i appreciate your post! :) im just fed up with the grade 9 drama.. as im sure most/all the rest of you are too..

im glad you (and fellow sun devils) arent picketing out front my door screaming out poorly rehearsed chants..

but yeah, i sure did pick against you guys ---and even though i believe 47 wasnt there, you did as he said you would, and won.... scott filled me in with constant bbm's while i was being a ride warrior [does the ghoster coaster count?] at wonderland with the girls.. was a great play-by-play until he had to leave to go to the other field...

you guys didnt give up and it paid off (not that you guys are the type anyhow - and i think spack would rather die than ever let that happen.. though im sure, somehow, just before rigor mortis would set in, hed still manage to throw the game winning TD) but hot damn... you guys fought your way back to make an amazing win in the 4th quarter... wish i couldve seen it... sounds like it was an epic battle..

and, as it has been all year .... its the final match up of the two top teams of the league... rogues and sun devils.. sure, an upset wouldve made things interesting and shaken up the OTFL history books a bit... but both these teams are deserving of being here... i said last week that i thought the rogues would take the A this year.. but after seeing (hearing) how you guys came back from being down 17 pts to winning........ this is another one that will go either way... thankfully i will be able to watch from the sidelines - and look like a fool as i cheer on both sides... (the pottles -vs- spack & my fave seabiscuit... a football hating girl such as myself is in her glory!)

.....excuse.....all the thought dots........ im retarded... and tired........

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