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Posted By: John Anthony

Posted On: Oct 14th, 2011
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Round 1 Playoff Picks


9:00 am Raiders v. Buccaneers

The Raiders finally got tested last week facing a strong team with all their guys and the result was not good for the Silver and Black. Thus proving the prognosticators were right about the Raiders. While I don't think the Bucs are quiet as good as the Hawks, they do have a strong team and are led by a very talented QB. If the Bucs are able to get all their guys our for this one they have a chance at the upset but I think whoever wins this game ends up losing at noon. Give me the Raiders to win a close one.

10:30 am Hawks v. Hounds

Two very strong teams that had a very close game last week. I think talent wise these two teams are pretty much dead even so it's going to come down to who wants it more. This one is pretty much a coin flip but give me the Hounds to squeak one out.

Noon (winner from the earlier games)

My prediction here is that whoever wins the Hawks/Hounds game will easily beat the winner of the Bucs/Raiders game.


9:00 am Turtles v. Longhorns

Lots of talk earlier in the week about this game and we know JA loves the trash talk. The Longhorns have to be happy about this matchup as the Turtles are the only team the Longhorns beat during the regular season. The turtles will have some guys back but it also sounds like the Longhorns may have done some addition by subtraction as well. I think the Longhorns are ready to step up and surprise some people in this game. Give me the Longhorns to win a close one.

10:30 am Lancers v. Buckeyes

Easily the game of the week. Both teams have shown at times this year that they are "A" division worthy and both have a legit chance of winning the "A" division. I do think though that the number of injuries on the Buckeyes will be too much to overcome so I'm going with the Lancers.

Noon Mustangs v. All Blacks

The Mustangs squeaked into the "A" playoff pool and while they do have a very solid team I see them playing in the "B" finals come Oct. 30th while the All Blacks will be on the sideline watching the "A" final. In case you weren't able to follow what I meant there, I'm saying the All Blacks win this week and lose next week while the Mustangs lose this week and win next week.

Some very tough games to pick this week with every game having the potential to go either way. You have to love the parity.

As always lets hear your thoughts. It's playoffs people, lets get some more picks in.

Posted By: kelly

Posted On: Oct 14th, 2011
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RE: Round 1 Playoff Picks

nicely done, as usual sir anthony.. i agree the games will be close... we have a few differences here, you and i... sooo.. with that being said... BRING IT!

[i dont think youll get your title back... pretty certain i have the RIGHT picks where we differ... FYI]

Posted By: Raider 1

Posted On: Oct 19th, 2011
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RE: Round 1 Playoff Picks

Hey JA,

How are you.....?

I think your picks were a little off last weekend. Better luck this week! When you pick Raider's to loose we always get lucky and win. LOL!

I know......we are going to loose to the Lancer's this weekend too.


Posted By: huh

Posted On: Oct 19th, 2011
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RE: Round 1 Playoff Picks

You are going to loose? do you mean you are going too loose? Like you will be playing too far off their receivers or that you will be too loose like too relaxed? So confused. Please clarify.

Posted By: Raider 1

Posted On: Oct 20th, 2011
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RE: Round 1 Playoff Picks

To Huh!

I do not know! I am so confused! LOL

Posted By: Easily amused

Posted On: Oct 21st, 2011
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RE: Round 1 Playoff Picks

LMAO at Raider 1. I'm going to "loose" it.

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