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Posted By: Haha

Posted On: Sep 21st, 2011
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Lol review

I love reading this reviews and how biased they can sometimes be , for example, maybe the Bucs would have had a better game if they had a typical team showing up, their captain wasn't injured, or perhaps their league leading rusher was even at the game? But ya of course the review dismisses all of that.

Posted By: HeHe

Posted On: Sep 22nd, 2011
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RE: Lol review

I fully agree. The Bucs captain went out there with a torn calf muscle to make up the sixth man
so his team could play a full game. The Bucs picked up a couple smengies off of the street in which one was carted off of the field by his
wife and daughter in an effort to give the Hounds a run in which they did. That was real football and not a bunch of drivil about the
poor Lancers every week and there whiney problems.

Posted By: Buttercup 4 Life

Posted On: Sep 22nd, 2011
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RE: Lol review

In response, I would just like to say that it looks like I had left my crystal ball behind that day. This information would mist certainly have made the review, as it is very relevant but if I'm not privy to this information then how could I have possibly included it. As mentioned before by Kelly, if there are any noteworthy items people think would enhance the reviews, they ate more than welcome to email me with such information.


Posted By: Raider 1

Posted On: Sep 22nd, 2011
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RE: Lol review

Hey JA, are the Raiders still getting lucky or are we just doing what we do every year. Win baby! Win!

KA and JA you both need to go back to football school and learn what momentum is.....! Ya feel me! If you are going to keep making picks like that!

Now show the respect or a beating will come to those from the mighty Raider Pirate himself! ARRRRRRRRR ha ha ha!

Now the Turtles have shown some respect and decided not to even waste our time and forfeit!

Need the Raider Nation say more!

Posted By: Buttercup 4 Life

Posted On: Sep 22nd, 2011
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RE: Lol review

Hey Raider...
guess what...we'll be there though...remember what happened last time our two teams met? I don't expect a cake walk for us this time around, but I also don't expect to lose. Come on JA/Kelly, let's see who you pick in this "friendly" game ;).....

Posted By: kelly

Posted On: Sep 22nd, 2011
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RE: Lol review


i think buttercup handled it right.. i gave him the heads up about the donevan field, and what i heard about the sun devils..

if you guys have worthwhile information that you would like made noticed in the review, then email it to us... that was made mention of weeks ago... we do not know what happens at every game & every field... we are not psychic.. and Nim doesn't receive the score cards to see attendance.. scott does.. and we arent about to go and start checking who was and was not there, just to say which vital players are missing.

give us some inside scoop... and we will incorporate it.. but dont give us shit if you expect us to just know.

and... raiders #1... clearly.. you didnt see the raiders vs bill game... i wouldnt put any money on either raiders team... so no school for me.. you guys got lucky in facing a short-numbered lancers team...

turtles cant field a team.. so respectfully, they notified the exec with plenty notice..

ill say it here before i post my week pics (sorry --- been sick and nearly dead... today is my bounceback day so youll get them tonight.. .. maybe ill let JA pick first so he can stop riding my coattails?)

but alas... i take the bulldogs over the raiders in this "forfeit" matchup

TIP FOR JA: as mentioned above, turtles are short guys for this week's double header.. so instead of them playing both the raiders then the bulldogs, we have asked the bulldogs to arrive early and face the raiders... so... while both the raiders & bulldogs will win by default, they are playing this game for stats... just so you know why im picking bulldogs over raiders.....

and its only out of pity because i beat you last week

Posted By: kelly

Posted On: Sep 22nd, 2011
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RE: Lol review

wow.. i sound angry in that msg... hrmmmmm...

in addition though... to state once again... all week in review worthwhile information can be emailed to:


this must be received by Monday night, as the review is usually written on the Tuesday. Once it has been written, we won't be editing it... you guys can add to it what you will (as you have here).. but not by means of complaining about how we are biased... cause thats just bullshit..

i still sound angry... shrugs.... id put a ":)" in here.. but in all honesty.. im not in a ":)" mood.

Posted By: Raider 1

Posted On: Sep 25th, 2011
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RE: Lol review

KA......FYI I was at the Bills game! Endzone 10 rows up from the field. Yah it was great game! I am surprised you bet against the Raiders there too! Oh yes the Prezz is a Raiders fan and got to do it just to bug him! LOL

I guess you both are a having a rough week!

Since you were sick and nearly close to death it now makes sense why your picks are so bad. I hope you are healthy this week. Tired of hearing weak exscuses.

Buttercup sorry man no disrespect to the Bulldogs. You guys played tough today! I just have to respond to these weak comments by KA and JA.

I have been real busy the last few days and this was first chance to respond.

Raider 1

Posted By: kelly

Posted On: Sep 25th, 2011
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RE: Lol review

real busy.. but yet you have all this time to spend on the msg board.. you didnt invest this much time when you were in the executive... .. ..

maybe if you had, things wouldve been different..

probably not though.

Posted By: The "smengies" daughter

Posted On: Sep 27th, 2011
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RE: Lol review

Not sure what "smengies" means but the man who wanted to help out his old team, despite wearing jeans and sneakers, actually ruptured his achilles and had SURGERY on Wednesday to repair it. I believe you'd all be helped off the field by your wives and daughters.
He's doing well and still wants to join the league again in the future -- he's a toughy.

Posted By: kelly

Posted On: Sep 28th, 2011
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RE: Lol review

another girl on the message board? holy shit! watch out boys... soon me and smengie's daughter will be taking this board over to talk about the next bachelor, whats up with 2012 colour palette and fashion trends, and where to buy the hottest purse.

hope papa smengie is okay.. achilles.. ugh.. . god was not kind to him that day.....

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