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Posted By: John Anthony

Posted On: Sep 15th, 2011
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Week 8 picks

Busy day today for JA, hence the late picks this week.


Rogues v. All Blacks

The Rogues showed last week that they should not be forgotten as potential champions this years as they battled hard for a tie game against the Sun Devils. It's time for the Rogues to step it up and start dominating teams to ensure they are playoff ready. Take the Rogues to win this one easily.

All Blacks v. Sun Devils

Wow, what a tough tough weekend for the All Blacks. Even playing the Sun Devils rested they don't stand much of a chance. Playing them on no rest will mean a huge blowout for the Sun Devils.

Buckeyes v. Sun Devils

The Buckeyes are finally starting to get some of their key players back healthy and have the advantage of facing the Sun Devils on the back end of their double header. If they want to show they have any chance of still being in the "A" championship discussion then they need to win this game or at least keep it close. Unfortunately I can't see either of those things happening especially the former. Give me the Sun Devils to go 2 - 0 on the day.


Bulldogs v. Longhorns

Looks like JA's favourite team is finally starting to catch a break scheduling wise. Buttercup 4 Life and his teammates should have no trouble taking out the lowly Longhorns. Give me the Bulldogs to win big.

Lancers v. Raiders

Easily the game of the week as this game will have a huge impact as to how the "B" division standings will play out. The Raiders have won 3 straight games and those wins did come over some tough competition but I still don't see them having a chance against **SUPER AMAZING SECRET MISSILE OF AN ARM, DEFINITELY NOT A BACKUP BY ANY MEANS, QB 'PACAS'** and his Lancers teammates (thanks KA). Give me the Lancers

Buccaneers v. Hounds

The Hounds are barking loudly (or should that be howling loudly) after being unbeaten in their last 4. As for the Bucs other than squeaking out a win over OPC and beating up on the lowly Longhorns they haven't pulled out a win since week 2. I have to go with the hot team in this one. Give me the Hounds to continue their Howl (in a good way) with another big victory.


Mustangs v. OPC

I've heard the Mustangs may be missing quite a few players from this game. As long as they can get 7 out I don't see them having any trouble in this one. Give me the Mustangs.

Mustangs v. Turtles

Winning against a lower team win only 7 guys is one thing but doing it on the back end of a double header is another. My gut tells me that this will be one of those games where the Turtles surprise everyone but my head says the Mustangs just have too much talent. I'm going to go with my gut this time and take the Turtles in the upset.

Hawks v. Turtles

The Turtles will be flying high (you know like those ones in Super Mario Brothers) after their big win against the Mustangs but they will also be tired and an opportunistic Hawks team that needs a win in this one will take care of business. Give me the Hawks.

Well there are the picks.

Let me hear your thoughts.

Posted By: Buttercup 4 Life

Posted On: Sep 15th, 2011
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RE: Week 8 picks

Hey JA, finally I agree...don't you worry, your favourite team will take care of business this weekend, in style. How many points do you want?!

Posted By: KA

Posted On: Sep 16th, 2011
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RE: Week 8 picks

well.. *I* want to see at least 51.... ;)

and hey.. JA.. youre welcome...

but also.. i think you are crazy about the turtles/mustangs game..

assuming they do get enough guys out [one of which being a QB]... i still think they will be able to take the turtles... it will be close.. but i think the mustangs can do it... ..

though i know... when i picked the turtles in the past (and they broke my heart), they were missing some key players of their own... soooo.. since there has been quite a few weeks of rest in between -- they may very well have their top guys back and ready for action...

i could see your upset happening... but whats that whole stupid saying "fool me once, shame on you... fool me twice.. shame on me... fool me three times..... and im a moron"... or something? ;)

Posted By: kelly

Posted On: Sep 18th, 2011
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RE: Week 8 picks

wow JA... a lot of upsets this week eh?

all blacks taking the sun devils... buckeyes taking the sun devils... raiders taking the lancers...

wtf happened out there today? its a good thing this isnt vegas... there would be a lot of $$ paid out today for the underdog bets...

but... none of that really matters when it comes to you and i....

what matters is that my mustangs took out the turtles.. in fact.. they left them scoreless...

this week = KA holds the title...

love it.. I SAID LOVE IT!!!

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