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Posted By: Congratulations!!!

Posted On: Aug 29th, 2011
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Co-Ed Championship Game

Congrats to Dawks Sports!!! You guys played a great game, and are deserving Champions!!!

Thank you ASU team mates....you guys played great all year, it was a pleasure playing with you and I look forward to playing with you guys in the future!!! By the way....Stephanie, it was a great catch in the end zone....even if I didn't give you a high five!!!


Posted By: kelly

Posted On: Aug 30th, 2011
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RE: Co-Ed Championship Game

for a bunch of individual registrations, you guys did exceptional in pulling together as a team... you guys played amazing against Dawksports, who really, is a team comprised of veterans... there is no shame in losing to them... especially since you guys were able to keep it as close as you did every time.

Stephanie - i saw that catch.. it was a slow-motion, dramatic nailbiter.... right down to the final grab... it was so hollywood. great play!

Spack, its obvious that a huge part of the team's success is due to you (not only your ability to QB, but to lead a -TEAM-).... so Thank you on behalf of the Executive for coming on board!

the rest of ASU - hopefully you guys enjoyed yourselves... as i mentioned above... coming 2nd place to Dawksports is nothing to be ashamed of... you guys played awesome.. kudos.

Congrats to Dawksports for winning! and to the Intercepticons for taking 3rd... ..

my picks were perfect.. made up for some bad picks in the Sunday games! ;)

If you need banquet tickets still, email Oshawafootball@gmail.com to arrange something with Scott.

Posted By: kelly

Posted On: Aug 30th, 2011
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RE: Co-Ed Championship Game

ohhh.. and how could i forget???

Thanks to our tried & true refs... Dave St. Louis & The Colonel.... you were both there every game... on time.. and doing your job! :) and.... explaining calls along the way to the freshies...

what more could we ask for?

thanks for a job well done!

Posted By: Buzz

Posted On: Aug 30th, 2011
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RE: Co-Ed Championship Game

Firstly Congrats goes out to Scott and Kelly for generating another Fun Football experience in the OTFL, I know once the word gets out that others will join next season to help make our coed division bigger.

A Big Congratulations goes out to the Sun Devils and Spack for giving us a nail biting Final, your Team is made up of some great players and in last night?s battle, the tide had changed many of times.

With both our Clubs fighting through the dark & mosquitoes it was anyone?s game, your squad are all stand up people and players and it was a pleasure to compete against you all season.

As Spack and I have competed with each over the last 20 years, we always have a good respectful accord with one another and honor each of our Teams accomplishments..so Kudos to you All.

Congrats also goes out to the B finalists and Champs as well, great season to both squads.

Looking forward to the yearend banquet and sharing some food and beverages with you all.

Yours in Football,


Posted By: kelly

Posted On: Aug 30th, 2011
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RE: Co-Ed Championship Game

thanks Buzz!!! :)

but you know it doesnt end with just scott & myself.. Tanya, Drew, Mike (and a Football Whisperer *nudge nudge Buzz*) all helped out in the off-season with hammering out all the fine details...how many downs, how many plays between including girl, how many girls should be on the field, how many (if any)bonus points for girls, does Tanya count as a girl.... laughs.. etc. etc.

their football knowledge/experience continues to help strengthen the league...

and for the record... Tanya (Flutie) counted as a girl ONLY if she wasnt QBing.. laughs.. yes. that was made an official rule!! :)

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