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Posted By: Kelly

Posted On: Aug 29th, 2011
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Another Home Page Mod

Drew has been keeping himself busy this weekend.... tweaking some things around the site..

underneath the new Main Page Poll, you will find the rotating pictures... while this is a feature that we've had for awhile --- all the pics have been made current.. so take a look... see if you made the cut... we tried to pick the pictures which fit the following criteria:
a. no silly faces; b. good quality; c. every team has at least 1 caption; d. no embarrassing plays (well, at least in the pic it looks like ya did good).

If anyone would like their picture removed from the rotating pics, please email us directly at:


In the weeks to come, we will be adding to the pics in rotation - but not removing the ones currently up.

The Sun Devils 2010 champs picture will obviously stay there until replaced by the 2011 champs (which may or may not be them).

Photo credit thanks to Marie [Men's division], and Gil [co-ed division].

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