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Posted By: Scott

Posted On: Aug 17th, 2011
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Week 5 in Review

Week 5 in Review

The playoff picture in the OTFL is starting to come into focus as we approach the midway point of the season.


Bulldogs 21 ? Buckeyes 20

The Bulldogs are starting to prove they might just be for real as they edged out a depleted Buckeyes team 21 ? 20. Lewmar Henry stole the show for the Bulldogs in this one with an incredible 4 interceptions and a touchdown to go along with it. This is the Bulldogs 5th win, good enough for first place (at least temporarily) in the very competitive ?B? division.

Mustangs 38 ? Bulldogs 28

In an important ?B? division matchup the Mustangs soundly beat the Bulldogs giving them the important head to head victory in case of a tie in the final standings. Led by Matt Coates? 25 points and Sean Peters 3 interceptions the Mustangs rolled by the Bulldogs.

Rogues 18 ? Mustangs 0

It seemed the theme of the day at Central was winning a big game and then have a huge letdown. Luckily for the Rogues this was the final game of the day at Central. The Rogues took it to the Mustangs showing them why they are one of the top two teams in this league. Ryan Ford and Fred Ortencio provided all the scoring in this game with 12 and 8 points respectively. The win keeps the Rogues neck and neck with the Sun Devils atop the ?A? division standings but the Sun Devils do have the all important head to head tie breaker.


All Blacks 37 ? Raiders 18

The All Blacks started to get things back on track with a solid win against the Raiders. The Raiders continue their regular season woes as they drop to 1 ? 5 on the season. Matt Chang and Rich Lafoy provided most of the scoring for the All Blacks putting up 14 and 12 points respectively. Steve Robinson was the lone bright spot for the Raiders scoring all 18 points in a losing effort.

All Blacks 12 ? Hounds 12

The All Blacks followed up their impressive win over the Raiders with what has to be considered a disappointing tie against the Hounds. The Hounds on the other hand have still not been able to find that ever elusive first victory as they pick up their second tie of the season. Richie Allen and Tony Chang (All Blacks) and Aaron Johnson and Esteban Correa (Hounds) all had scored 6 points. Brandon Clark had 2 interceptions for the Hounds bringing his total to 6 on the season, 2 back from the lead.

Sun Devils 32 ? Lancers 18

The Sun Devils continue to roll through everyone this season. The win leaves the Sun Devils undefeated on the season. Martin Lesmond and Vaughn Blanchard each scored 12 points for the Sun Devils while Alex Veira was able to score 12 in a losing effort for the Lancers.


Buccaneers 32 ? Longhorns 0

The Buccaneers routed the struggling Longhorns to remain in the hunt at the top of the ?C? division. Evan Guillemette and Sterling Grouette each had 12 points for the Buccaneers while Steven Chappelle had 3 sacks.

Hawks 13 ? Turtles 6

Although the Turtles gave them a tough battle the Hawks continue to win the games they need to win in order to stay atop the ?C? division. Ben Blanche (12 points) and Drew Walker (2 interceptions) stole the show for the Hawks in this game while Imran Mohammed (2 interceptions) played excellent defence for the Turtles.

Hawks 27 ? OPC 0

The Hawks were able to avoid the double header curse that plagued every other team that had a double header on this day by soundly beating OPC. Derek Fitzgerald led the Hawks with 12 points and an interception while Jeff Hernandez added 8 points. The Hawks defence played well on this day giving up only 6 points in 2 games.

The Co-ed regular season wrapped up this week as Dawksports took first place ahead of ASU based on head to head. Both teams posted identical 7 ? 2 records. Urine trouble (2 ? 6 ? 1) finished just ahead of the Intercepticons (1 ? 7 ? 1). Playoffs start next week for the co-ed division as Urine Trouble takes on ASU and Dawksports faces the Intercepticons.

Remember that our field permits are a privilege and not a right and we can have them taken away without warning. Please make sure to leave the field as clean as when you arrived there. In other words clean up your garbage.

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Posted By: kelly

Posted On: Aug 17th, 2011
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RE: Week 5 in Review

great job on the review, scott!

Posted By: Bulldog 4 Life

Posted On: Aug 17th, 2011
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RE: Week 5 in Review

Hey Giddy....remember when you predicted a shutout for the Buckeyes against us?
Hmmm...just let me know if you need me to give you a fork to eat your words with.
Cheers ;)

Hats off to the Buckeyes, I think both clubs put on an impressive show and it may have been the best game of the season thus far.

Posted By: kelly

Posted On: Aug 17th, 2011
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RE: Week 5 in Review

why no saying anything about my predictions, bulldog.. hrmm.. HRMM??

Posted By: Bulldog 4 Life

Posted On: Aug 17th, 2011
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RE: Week 5 in Review

Check that thread in a few minutes Kelly ;)

Posted By: kelly

Posted On: Aug 17th, 2011
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RE: Week 5 in Review

about time!! you had me worried you were dead......

Posted By: Bulldog 4 Life

Posted On: Aug 17th, 2011
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RE: Week 5 in Review

Never fear, I am here :)

Posted By: Giddy Up!

Posted On: Aug 18th, 2011
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RE: Week 5 in Review

Hey..." SmugDog for Life " I have no problem congratulating you on your win. Nice job Bulldogs! However even the reviews stated that they had a depleted squad.

Regardless congrats. But I still think you are going to get smoked by the Sun Devils this weekend. You have grabbed evryones attention and will get plenty of attention on the field this weekend.

Prediction 27 - 06 for the Sun Devils. A little more respect well earned by " Mouthy Pants 4 Life"

Nothing but the JUICE!

Giddy Up!

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