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Posted By: John Anthony

Posted On: Aug 12th, 2011
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Week 5 picks

Sorry my picks are a bit late this week. I see we finally have a prognosticator in the fold this week. KA welcome to my world.

6-2-1 last week. Cumulative record 23-10-3 after 4 weeks.

Pretty easy week this week and not much to really say.


I'm sure the Scottish Terrier 4 life won't be too happy about this but I have to go with the Buckeyes and the Mustangs to both beat JA's favourite team this week.

In the noon game even though I think the Mustangs are a good team they have to show me something before I pick them to win over the Rogues.


I think a double header against the Raiders and Hounds this weekend is just what the doctor ordered for the All Blacks. They really need these two wins to salvage their season. I think they will get it done. Give me the All Blacks to win both their games this weekend.

In the Noon game I like the Sun Devils to continue their impressive season with a big win over the Lancers


Pretty easy to call the three games at this field. Give me the Buccaneers to beat the Longhorns without any problem and the Hawks to win both of their games.

Let's hear your thoughts.


Posted By: Bulldog 4 Life

Posted On: Aug 12th, 2011
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RE: Week 5 picks

JA, you're slacking!! Keepin us waiting till now for your insightful (but very wrong in some instances) picks!!
You keep picking against your fav team, but I like that, I like our underdog status! We're bringin the wood on Sunday, should be a sloppy field, just the way we like it!!!

Posted By: kelly

Posted On: Aug 12th, 2011
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RE: Week 5 picks

JA... you are a genius..

scott -- dont worry.. i still think you are the smartest guy i know...

dog balls 4 life -- you said wood...

Posted By: Giddy Up!

Posted On: Aug 12th, 2011
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RE: Week 5 picks

Hey...."Dog Wood for Life!" There seems to be more people jumpin on the Giddy band wagon. Your act is growin old and full of Mold!

Ahhhhhh! THE JUICE!

Giddy Up!

Wait I got it....."PUNK DOG 4 LIFE"

Posted By: #47

Posted On: Aug 13th, 2011
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RE: Week 5 picks

Lancers are a solid team, playing against my old qb #8 Jay S, anyways with that said wanna see if he comes @ me? Should be another good game knowing how much of an competitor he is. Hope we can pull this one out.

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