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Posted By: kelly

Posted On: Jul 24th, 2011
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weekly picks...

okay... so.... since we seemingly lost Vinny Vegas.... (maybe the repo men took away his computer for unpaid gambling debt? or maybe it was a loan shark who took away his fingers??)... I will be proud to announce that I will be putting in my weekly picks.

i may not put as much rationale in as john anthony... but... i have a lot of gut to get feelings with... may as well put it to good use...

we need more chatter around here... i love me my giddy... and ballerina 4 life is growing on me... (but in a bad way still... like... leprosy)

Posted By: Bulldog 4 Life

Posted On: Jul 24th, 2011
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RE: weekly picks...

Oh yeahhhh Kelly is gonna be making weekly picks!!! I hope you're smarter than JA with them though and give the Bulldogs the credit we deserve! On the other hand we like being the underDOGS!!! Lol

Btw, mad respect to the Raiders. Love your heart and we appreciate your love in return!! Tough outing for you guys today against us but I'm sure you'll turn things around before the year is up! Good luck the rest of the way!!!

Posted By: #84 Devils

Posted On: Jul 24th, 2011
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RE: weekly picks...

Aren't the Raiders pretty thin on their roster this year compared to last?

Posted By: kelly

Posted On: Jul 25th, 2011
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RE: weekly picks...

the raiders dont turn on the heat until the playoffs for some reason.. laughs.. i think they only exert themselves enough to work up a thirst only quenched by beer....

and then - come playoffs.. they play their asses off..

not too sure about the mentality behind it.. but.... alas... theyve got back-to-back titles to prove they know what they are doing... ....

..... or they are lucky as hell... :)

Posted By: Bulldog 4 Life

Posted On: Jul 26th, 2011
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RE: weekly picks...

To be honest, I don't think any team will go out onto a field and just go through the motions. The Raiders played with heart throughout the whole game and refused to call the game when it was out of reach, they get my respect!
They may not have had the numbers out there on Sunday, but I don't think anyone can question their desire to win that game!

Posted By: kelly

Posted On: Jul 26th, 2011
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RE: weekly picks...

shrugs... im sure everyone always wants to win.. but its unreal how well they do "under pressure"..

im not saying they played like shit.. i just think that, somehow, during playoff pressure, they go above and beyond... whereas the 'norm' for teams (and people in general) is to crumble under pressure...

i think during the season they go out to have more fun about it.. but alas... they have gotten a lot of new/different additions the past couple years with the new team rep leading the way.. so very well, their 'season games' could be much different in attitude... i havent seen them play in awhile......

it will be interesting to see who takes the B division.. .. still, anything can happen.. especially with the flip-flopping that can take place between divisions for playoffs.. the good thing is... there are not a lot of "definites" the teams are all very comparable and really, any game can be anyone's game..

shows well on the league...
do i even make sense? im trying to multitask on a poorly functioning brain this morning.

Posted By: Raider17

Posted On: Jul 26th, 2011
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RE: weekly picks...

Appreciate the kind words. Most of the Raidernation is on the BBQ ciruit right
now but will come back with strong numbers
after Labour Day. As Kelly said, it's hard
to gel with different guys every week and
small numbers such as Sunday. Our QB and
center rushed a quick and talented Dog QB
which made for a long hot morning. The
Bulldogs played with a hungry D and a very
solid O which led to a well deserved win.
Hoping to meet the Dogs in the playoffs
when we have all 16 of our guys.
Appreciate the loving because we don't get
much. Cheers, Al.

Posted By: Raider1

Posted On: Jul 29th, 2011
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RE: weekly picks...

Al is so correct. Again much thanks and love to the Bulldogs! They bit our asses good! It was a good wake up call for us "Raiders"

The little puppies have big teeth now and they want to take a bite out everyone.

Kelly, you are crazy! You make me laugh!

I think it is time we come and see Kelly play on Monday nights and comment on her success as a rooking ball player. Will she crumble with all eyes on the "Terminator" (lol)

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