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Posted By: Giddy Up!

Posted On: Jul 17th, 2011
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Hey Bulldog!

I'll tell you what. If you guys beat us in the playoffs I will write a special column expressing my congrats on a season and game well played. I, by no means am a poor sport, i just like to kid around a little........Wait...... A whole BUNCH!

I think you guys have a great up and coming team. I just think that with a full squad we will come out on top! Just my opinion, for what its worth.

Giddy UP!

Posted By: kelly

Posted On: Jul 18th, 2011
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RE: Respect

hrmmmm... you guys may not get the chance to battle it out again on the field this year...

all depends how the numbers pan out... with that whole confusing schedule of a playoff thing us executive got going on... ;)

Posted By: Bulldog 4 Life

Posted On: Jul 18th, 2011
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RE: Respect

Hey Giddy,
much appreciate the kudos, and you're right, to an extent of course lol, that we would have a much tougher battle if you'd get your full squad out. We may disagree on the final outcome, rightfully so lol, but it would definitely be a battle no doubt. We'll see if karma allows us to go up against one another again this year, only time will tell.
As you've already gathered, I also enjoy the good ol' ribbing here and there, well actually everywhere so it's all good on my end. I mean no disrespect in my comments, just trying to get JUICES flowin' (you like that one eh? lol).

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