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Posted By: John Anthony

Posted On: Jul 7th, 2011
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Week 3 picks

Hopefully everyone enjoyed their little break but it is definitely good to be back at it.

I went 6 - 3 last week with the All Blacks really making things tough on me by winning when they were supposed to lose and losing when they were supposed to win. My overall record for the season is now 11 - 5 - 2.

Some good games on tap this week and some easy picks as well.


Bulldogs v. Buccaneers

We will start at Central with my favourite OTFL Team the Bulldogs led by "Miniature Poodle 4 Life" taking on The Buccaneers in the first game of their double header. The Buccaneers have gotten off to a great start going 3 and 0 in their first 3 games but this will be their first true test of the season. The Bulldogs on the other hand lost to a Lancers team that didn't have their QB and then whooped what I have to think was a tired All Blacks team with them being on the second game of a double header and lost to a superior Rogues team. It's hard to say how good either of these teams are yet so I will have to go with my gut and my gut says the Bulldogs will win this one. I can definitely see it going either way though.

Bulldogs v. Hawks

Next up the Bulldogs take on the new and improved Hawks who also have not really been tested this season. Will the Bulldogs be tired after a tough battle against the Buccaneers? I think they will and that will make the difference in this one. Give me the Hawks to win in their first true test of the season.

Hawks v. Longhorns

The Hawks play the Longhorn for the second time in 4 games this season. They easily took care of the Longhorns in their first game and though they may be a little bit tired from their first game I still see them taking this game and establishing themselves as the top team in the "C" division with a big game against the Buccaneers looming in the near future.


Rogues v. Hounds

A couple easy games and one tough game to call over at Eastdale this weekend starting with the Rogues easily beating the Hounds.

Rogues v. Raiders

Will Raiders finally be able to get their first win against a top team? With the Rogues on the second game of a double header there is a chance but I highly doubt it. Give me the Rogues to win easily over the Raiders.

Turtles v. OPC

The noon game at Eastdale should be a good match up as the Turtles take on OPC. The Turtles are flying high after their first ever OTFL win last week and will be looking to make it two straight. I really want to pick OPC here but I think I'm still gun shy after that first week. Give me the Turtles in what some may call an upset.


Mustangs v. All Blacks

Donevan features the OTFL debut of the Mustangs as they take on the All Blacks. I have heard good things about the Mustangs but it is so hard to pick a team I have never seen play. Give me the All Blacks in this one as they look to redeem themselves after their loss to the Bulldogs.

Buckeyes v. Sun Devils

A bit of a rivalry match here as Spackman takes on one of his many former teams. As much as I would like to see the Buckeyes pull out the upset in this one it's not going to happen. Sun Devils take it.

Buckeyes v. Hounds

An OTFL rarity here as the Hounds will need to travel in between games. It won't make much of a difference though the Buckeyes will have no problem with the Hounds in this game.

Well there are the picks. Will it be a perfect week? Only time will tell.

As always, let me know your thoughts.

Posted By: Bulldog 4 Life

Posted On: Jul 7th, 2011
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RE: Week 3 picks

There it is....JA has FIINNNAALLLYYY come back to OTFL!!! Thanks for the entertaining reading material kind, sir, and glad to see that we are now officially your favourite OTFL team lol. We won't let you down dude!
On your picks....I say you have a pretty good shot at going undefeated this week save and except for when you had a brain cramp and picked against us in our game against the Hawks. Sunday can't come quick enough!!!
Good job on the REST of the picks though, although the Mustangs might be the other dimple in your prognostications for this week!
Let's get this board poppin'!!!!!!

Grrrrrr Grrrrr Wooof Woof Wooff!
YEAaaahhhhh Buddddyyy!!!

Posted By: In the Know

Posted On: Jul 7th, 2011
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RE: Week 3 picks

Bulldogs have no chance against the Bucs. Too much experience on the Bucs side of the ball for the amateur ballers from the Dogs.

Posted By: Bulldog 4 Life

Posted On: Jul 7th, 2011
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RE: Week 3 picks

*Takes tissue and wipes the tears from laughing too much*
wow "In the know" sounds like you really got some hardcore insight....but damn youz is funny!
Here I am getting super hyped up for our games against the Hawks and didn't pay too much mind to the Bucs, so I actually want to thank you for getting my attention. This will be an awesome Sunday....WOOF WOOF baby....2-0 and then poundin' back the brew at our pub....can't get much better than that kids, just can't!

Posted By: Bulldog 4 Life

Posted On: Jul 7th, 2011
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RE: Week 3 picks

BTW...just for clarification...
as a wise man once said....talen outshines experience 7 days a week, 365 days a year and even 366 days (during leap years)...

take it to the bank kids!

Posted By: OTFL Executive

Posted On: Jul 7th, 2011
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RE: Week 3 picks

If you are going to be grabbing a couple pints after your game on Sunday please make sure to consider our very generous sponsor, The Courtyard, in Courtice. It on the south side of highway 2 just east of Townline.

Show your support.


OTFL Exec.

Posted By: kelly

Posted On: Jul 7th, 2011
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RE: Week 3 picks

JA where were you?? I had to keep my beloved "purse chiuaua 4 life" entertained... and like all small dogs with all bark and no bite, hes demanding!!!

;) lots of good matches.. wish i could watch them all... sigh..

Posted By: Bulldog 4 Life

Posted On: Jul 7th, 2011
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RE: Week 3 picks

Don't worry Kelly....you'll be thoroughly entertained at Central!!! I just hope you bring enough tissues to wipe the Hawks' tears away after the game ;)

Posted By: In the Know

Posted On: Jul 7th, 2011
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RE: Week 3 picks

Tournament ballers against a bunch of guys that dust of the cleats once a month to drink some beers and play football. I think we know who is going to win this one. :)

Posted By: Not in the Know

Posted On: Jul 7th, 2011
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RE: Week 3 picks

Which game are you talking about?

Neither the Bulldogs nor the Buccaneers nor the Hawks are Tournament teams (or Tournament Ballers) as you put it.

Sure the QB for the Buccaneers and a couple other guys on the team are tournament ballers but that's about it.

Posted By: Bulldog 4Life

Posted On: Jul 7th, 2011
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RE: Week 3 picks

I think he's talking about basketball!

Posted By: Bulldog 4 Life

Posted On: Jul 8th, 2011
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RE: Week 3 picks

Just a thought,
Aren't tournaments held like every month and a half? Seems like us non-tournament "ballers" spend more time on the field even if our cleats do get dusty, and the brew is to assist in post-game recovery!

Posted By: JARED

Posted On: Jul 8th, 2011
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RE: Week 3 picks

Reality Ratio Check:

Tourney Teams play 6 games in 2 days vs League play at best 2 games in one.

So the mileage is higher of course for the Tounrey players.

When will the BD's For Life Team step up and play Tounrey ball?

Reality may actaully kick in and see how surreal the experince is, remember no matter how good your team is, there is always a Team better out there.

Give it a try, you'll like it, just like a 12" Cold Cut Combo available for you today :)

Posted By: Bulldog 4 Life

Posted On: Jul 8th, 2011
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RE: Week 3 picks

Hey Jared,
I love your commercials dude!!!
Eat Fresh, woohooo
I hear ya, no disrespect was intended to tourny teams, and trust me we'd love to get in one and we will soon enough!
Just sayin', careful what u wish for.... see you, hopefully soon, in a tourny near you!!!

Posted By: #47 Baller

Posted On: Jul 8th, 2011
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RE: Week 3 picks

Happy to post, but there are real serious haters i this leaue...lmao lets just say lose raiders lose...lol yall are jokers and I love playing against you guys. Lts just say when I see the schedule and its the raiders I just sit back and smile :)

Posted By: Hawks 3

Posted On: Jul 9th, 2011
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RE: Week 3 picks

I like to drink beer.

Posted By: Where is he?

Posted On: Jul 10th, 2011
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RE: Week 3 picks

Spunkman! Where's Spunkman?

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