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Posted On: Jun 14th, 2011
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Week 1 in Review

Week 1 in Review

The 2011 season of Oshawa Touch Football League has started. All teams that were scheduled to play today came out to compete with passion and drive. This was a great start for the league. Many teams showed that they went out and retooled over the winter which should make for a very competitive league.


Hounds 7 v. Raiders: 12

This is a classic OTFL battle with the two longest standing teams in the league going at it. The veteran core of the Raiders was back but they were missing some key players today including QB Lorin Brady. With the help of touchdowns by Blair Lambert and Geoff Keen they were still able to pull out the win in last quarter.

Lancers 12 v. Hounds 12

The Lancers had a little difficulty with Hounds on this day. With all star QB Jay Steinburg not present to lead his team to victory, Arun Srikandarajan (7 pts.) and the Lancers were able to do enough to get the tie despite 3 interceptions by the Hounds. Brandon Clark had 2 interceptions in this game and 3 on the day as he takes an early lead in the interceptions race and looks for an unprecedented 3rd straight interceptions title.

Bulldogs14 v. Lancers 18

Whoever said ?This game won't be close even with the Lancers playing game 2 of a double header? was wrong. The Bulldogs led by Lewmar Henry?s 13 points and one interception came to play and gave the Lancers a good scare. In the end though, the Lancers spread the ball around nicely and took the win.


Hawks 48 v. Longhorns 0

The Hawks, Led by new QB Rick Shea and new addition Ben Blanche?s 12 points and 1 interception, came out of the gate strong in their convincing win over the Longhorns. The Longhorns were no match for the Hawks on this day.

OPC 12 v. Buccaneers 37

QB Dave Bye has added some major depth to the Buccaneers this year. Dave threw for 5 touchdowns (2 of them to Geoff Johnson) to give the Buccaneers a great start to their 2011 campaign. OPC led by Brian Santos (1 touchdown and 1 interception) played well but was not ready for the experience of Dave Bye and the Buccaneers.

Buccaneers 27 v. Turtles 0

The Buccaneers continued to play hard and were able to defeat the Turtles easily. Geoff Johnson had another 2 touchdowns bringing his total points scored on the day to 26, good enough to take the early lead in the scoring race. The Buccaneers will definitely be looking to move out of the C division come playoff time.


Rogues 21 v. Sun Devils 21

The Sun Devils are the defending champs of the "A" division. They took on the talented Rogues who led by Brandon Pottle?s 14 points and 1 interception demonstrated that they are ready to take the championship from the Devils this season. This was a very good match up as both teams have talented players from top to bottom on their rosters.

Rogues 14 v. Buckeyes 6

The Rogues were ready for the Buckeyes since they were playing the second game of their double header. Both teams are looking to rebound back from tough seasons last year and the Rogues have drawn first blood this season with a tough win over the Buckeyes.

All Blacks 22 v. Buckeyes 32

The Buckeyes decided to play team ball by putting up 5 touchdowns by 5 individual players to stop the All Blacks. Matt Chang put a very impressive 20 points but it wasn?t enough. Overall the Buckeyes played a better team game to pull out the victory.

In the new OTFL Co-ed Flag Division ASU led by QB Dave Spackman took the victory 26 ? 0 over Urine Trouble. Urine Trouble came out and played hard and showed determination in defeat, never giving up until the final whistle. The late game had Dawksports defeating the Intercepticons 28 ? 0. While this first week did seem to indicate a strong separation between the top two and the bottom two teams in the co-ed division look for both Urine Trouble and the Intercepticons to show great strides as the season progresses.

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