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Posted By: Kelly

Posted On: Nov 30th, 2010
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Co-ED Flag Division - Week 1 games


I had fun! our team may not have gotten any points.... but... if smiles and laughs counted for points, then we would be the scoreboard leaders..... fo'sho!

Just wanted to say a quick thanks to everyone who showed up for the first game.. hope you guys all enjoyed yourselves as much as we did.. I look forward to seeing everyone back week after week.

For many of us, it is very much a learning experience right now.... so hopefully no one left the fields a bit discouraged. [since clearly there were 2 dominating teams, and 2 teams still fresh on the scene] .. .. the ref's will help out in telling you what you need to do (or what you can't do). As well as some of the team veterans... So don't be shy & ask!

Off the field, if anyone has any questions, you can contact Scott oshawafootball@gmail.com or otherwise his cell phone is listed under the Executive Tab.

I think yesterday was a great start to the year... there is a lot of potential on every team that, once we all get comfortable with the game, ourselves, and our teammates, the scoreboard won't be as divided. :)
Here's to hoping for continued fun, great weather, no injuries, AND THE INTERCEPTICONS TO CRUSH THE COMPETITION!!!


you didn't seriously think I would go through that whole message and then NOT shamelessly cheer on my team... did ya?

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