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Posted By: John Anthony

Posted On: Jun 6th, 2011
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Week 1 picks (a couple days early)

I am just too excited to wait until Thursday so I'm giving everybody my week 1 picks a few days early.

Let us start at Eastdale:

Hounds v. Raiders:

This is a classic OTFL battle with the two longest standing teams in the league going at it. There are a lot of new faces on the Hounds this year however and as such they are a much younger team than The Hounds of old. They have a lot of solid playmakers on their team but I'm not sure who their QB will be this season. The Raiders come back with same core of players they have had for years along with their recent additions. This team is looking for their 3rd straight "B" championship and this game will be a good start. Take the Raiders to win this one in a close one.

Lancers v. Hounds

Surprisingly, to me at least, is that the Lancers reamin in the "B" division. I see them having little difficulty with most of the "B" division teams. Look for the Lancers to start their run to a "B" title in week one and the Hounds to start their season 0 - 2 before the week is even over.

Bulldogs v. Lancers

This game won't be close even with the Lancers playing game 2 of a double header. The Bulldogs did have a good year in the "C" division last year but only went 1 and 3 against "B" teams in the regular season last year. Not sure if they really did enough to warrant the jump to "B" division. They may have some competitive games against other "B" division teams but this game will be a route for the Lancers who will finish week one with an impressive 2 - 0 record.


Hawks v. Longhorns

A little bit of a grudge match here as I have heard that about half of the Longhorns played for the Hawks last season. The Hawks in turn looked to free agency to fill the void left by the departed players. Part of that was finding a new QB. If the preseason tournament is any indication the Hawks look to be in good shape this year with their new QB and their many new faces. The Longhorns may be in for a bit of a tough year trying to get their legs under them. Give me the Hawks to get off to a good start with a win in this one.

OPC v. Buccaneers

The Buccaneers have added star QB Dave Bye to their team but have also lost some talented players over the off season. Will Dave and whatever players he brings along with him be enough to get this team to the "C" championship. I'm not so sure. Dave was at the preseason tournament and while he did enough to lead them to the "C" finals they came up short. OPC is a new team but I have heard they have a lot of talented players and their QB threw for YC Crew in 2009 so he has experience. I think that OPC will surprise some people this season and the first of those surprises will be this weekend in the upset of the week.

Buccaneers v. Turtles

The Buccaneers got a pretty favourable draw with their double header coming against two new teams in the first week of the season. After dropping their first game against OPC in an upset the Buccaneers will not be upset in this win. They will give the Turtles their first of many losses this season.

Rogues v. Sun Devils

The Sun Devils are the defending champs and the class of the "A" division this season. Look for them to come out and take it to the Rogues in the early game at Central.

Rogues v. Buckeyes

Both teams are looking to rebound back from tough seasons last year which saw neither team in the "A" finals. The Ruff Riders are gone this season but with the Sun Devils looking as strong as ever and the All Blacks looking to be a much better team this season we should have a very competitive "A" division. The Buckeyes will have to play at least the entire regular season without TJ as he recovers from knee surgery. Can they still win without him? I have heard they have picked up a few excellent athletes in the offseason to try and compensate but in the end I have to say that the Buckeyes are the weakest team in the "A" division and this game will not end in an upset. Give me the Rogues to take this one.

All Blacks v. Buckeyes

The All Blacks were clearly not happy with their results last season and have gone out and made some very solid additions to their team. Will it take them from worst to first in the "A" division? Not likely but I can see them battling with the Rogues for second place.
Buckeyes just won't have the talent to stay with the All Blacks in this one even if they weren't playing their second game of a double header. Give me the All Blacks to win this one and at least for one week sit tied for first place in the "A" division.

Well there you have it. The first week is always the toughest so don't go betting the house on any of the picks I have given you this week (except for Lancers over the Bulldogs).

As always let me know your thoughts and it would be great to see some other prognosticators joining the party this season.

If anyone wants to throw out some spreads I?ll be happy to make my picks against the spread.


Posted By: See U at the Post

Posted On: Jun 6th, 2011
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RE: Week 1 picks (a couple days early)

Great work on this column, always entertaining to read.

One minor correcton, the Rogues will not be beaten this year (maybe a few losses along the way if injuries persist), but over-all, they will win the championship with little threat.

take it to the bank!

Posted By: Curious

Posted On: Jun 6th, 2011
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RE: Week 1 picks (a couple days early)

That's where you are wrong...the Bulldogs are going to dominate B then dominate all A teams and coast to the AAAAA finals and crush all newcomers.


Posted By: Huh

Posted On: Jun 6th, 2011
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RE: Week 1 picks (a couple days early)


Posted By: Brett

Posted On: Jun 6th, 2011
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RE: Week 1 picks (a couple days early)

Curious is just a little excited over the start of a new season

Posted By: kelly

Posted On: Jun 6th, 2011
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RE: Week 1 picks (a couple days early)

... i had to laugh at the Bulldogs prediction.. not because i dont think they stand the chance.. but just because the way it was written... from C to B to A... to AAAAAAAAAAAA... anyway.. thats all.. thanks for the giggle..

I personally think that there is very little separating most of these teams.. so anything can happen... shrugs.. a weak bow out of any predictions.. but --- that isnt my forte...

[i dont really know what my forte is, mind you... ]

Posted By: Giddy Up!

Posted On: Jun 6th, 2011
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RE: Week 1 picks (a couple days early)

Your Forte is your Giddy Ups! # 1 FAN!

Whew !

Giddy Up!

Posted By: Taco Man

Posted On: Jun 7th, 2011
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RE: Week 1 picks (a couple days early)

Good times for Giddy Up!

Good times for Kelly Kelly!

My prediction, for the previous prediction about the Bulldogs, is that the B'dogs will win the C division, then the CC division, then the CCC division, then the CCCCCCCCCCCCCC division, then the 36DD division (men's 36DD).

All divisions look good like a fresh taco this year. A=shell, B=beef, C=cheese, and Bulldogs=hot salsa.

Hounds can suprise! To all the new teams, get your Taco's in shape for a piquante summer.

Posted By: Giddy Up!

Posted On: Jun 7th, 2011
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RE: Week 1 picks (a couple days early)

Do I feel cheese in Giddy's future?

Posted By: Bulldog 4 Life

Posted On: Jun 8th, 2011
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RE: Week 1 picks (a couple days early)

Well it looks like things didn't change too much from last year, once again the Bulldogs are given no chance, even though they came out of the C division last year while playing mostly with 6 players. This year we'll see a much improved team and a better turounout for games. Our team is young and hungry. Underdog pick of the week is Bulldogs over Lancers (second game of a back to back, no disrespect) in a battle to the final play, by a score of 14-12.
TAKE THAT TO DA BANK....let the money rain!

Posted By: Scott

Posted On: Jun 8th, 2011
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RE: Week 1 picks (a couple days early)

On behalf of the OTFL executive I would like to extend a long overdue thank you to John Anthony for his excellent work providing interesting reads and thoughts week after week.

I'm looking forward to another year of interesting insights.


Posted By: kelly

Posted On: Jun 8th, 2011
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RE: Week 1 picks (a couple days early)

yeah I guess we never really have thanked that guy... nor Vinny Vegas... (im trying to remember off the top of my head who the main football psychics are).

so yeah.. .. *high fives* good doings "boys".

giddy.. .. did you really just categorically alphabetize a taco?

moron.. ..


Posted By: Taco Man

Posted On: Jun 8th, 2011
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RE: Week 1 picks (a couple days early)

ARIIIIIIIBAAA Mutch?tchos e Mutch?chos!!!

Bulldogs guy has some heart, or some large cojones, or some large bulldog cojones!

Or he is deprived of tacos so much, its affecting his Bulldog mind...

Hey Bulldog guy, you will be good this season, but don't get too far ahead of yourself. Lancers are sneaky good. Ontario C champs I believe from last year.

But, Bulldog guy, keep up the chatter! I like it! Good for you for hyping your team! I give you a 2 taco salute!

Posted By: Bulldog 4 Life

Posted On: Jun 8th, 2011
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RE: Week 1 picks (a couple days early)

Hey taco man, good thing I'm a fan of Mexican food! I have no doubt the Lancers are good, we experienced it for ourselves last year as they knocked us out of the playoffs. So with that said, we got some payback on our minds! Looking for sunday to come around do we can do the chatter on the field ;)
Go Bulldogs!!!!!

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