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Posted By: Curious

Posted On: Apr 28th, 2011
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Who's gonna do what????

Well let's get things going, How's it gonna shake down this year in each division????? who are the teams too look out for?????? Are the divisions well balanced??? ( knowing Scott Y)What players are going to take their game to the next level????? Has there been any movement of players???? Who's been picked up or let goo????
Let's get the rumor mill started

Posted By: John Anthony

Posted On: May 3rd, 2011
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RE: Who's gonna do what????

John Anthony is back for another year and I'm here with some preseason rumblings and predictions for the 2011 season.

The A division will be won by the Sun Devils again this year. Their top competition (the Ruff Riders) are gone leaving only the Rogues, Buckeyes and All Blacks for them to compete with. The Rogues will give them a run for their money and if TJ is able to return to form following off season knee injury the Buckeyes may have an outside shot this season. A third or possibly even a 4th place finish for the Buckeyes seems likely this year. I have heard that the All Blacks have consumed all that was good about the Killer Beezzz from last season. Will that be enough to change the fortunes for the All Blacks? Not likely. Look for a third place finish at best (and most likely a 4th place finish) for the All Blacks

A division summary:

Sun Devils
All Blacks

The B division looks like it will be extremely competitive this season. Despite an excellent season last year the Lancers remain in the B this season and are accompanied by last year's B champs the Raiders. I've heard the Mustangs are a very good team as well which should set up a very competitive 3 horse race in the B division. The Lancers should take it followed by the Mustangs and then the Raiders. The Hounds remain in the B division again this year and will be in tough against the top 3 teams. The Bulldogs look like they have bitten off more than they can chew (get it) in moving up to the "B" division. They were a great "C" team and the natural progression was for them to move up to "B" but with the talent in this division this year they are going to be in really tough. Look for a hard fought last place finish for the Bulldogs.

B division summary:

I have heard rumours that Dave Bye will be taking his talents to the Buccaneers. If this is true it automatically makes them the heavy favourite to win the "C" division. As I'm sure Dave will have brought some of his players with him to the Buccaneers they instantly become the class of the "C" division. Another team that I heard made a dramatic QB change was the Hawks who I have heard have picked up Rick Shea to be their QB for the upcoming season. With this development I think the Hawks are the only team that will be able to at least have a chance against the Buccaneers. After this the remaining three teams will be battling it out for the final three spots and all three should be pretty close. All three are new teams so who knows what will happen? I'm thinking it plays out with OPC taking third, the Longhorns in 4th and the brand new Turtles team taking 5th.

C division summary:


There you have it, my preseason predictions. As always I would love to hear your thoughts.


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