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Posted By: Haywood Jablowme

Posted On: Sep 28th, 2010
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This league sucks ass! Pay all this money for what!? Grass is never cut and they overpay the officials! Garbage league, plain and simple.

Posted By: Steven Chappelle

Posted On: Sep 28th, 2010
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The only thing that makes this league seem to " suck " is people such as yourself. Keep your negative comments to yourself.

Posted By: Brett

Posted On: Sep 28th, 2010
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I agree with Steve, if you don't like it get to stepping!!! Remember he who lives in a glass house should never throw stones, especially people who don't have the balls to put their real name!!!

Posted By: Scott

Posted On: Sep 28th, 2010
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From what I have heard from most people you are in the minority with your thoughts but to speak to your issues, all of our officials are certified professional officials who while like any officials may miss a call here and there do a very good job for the most part. I watch the NFL every Sunday and see 5 - 10 blown calls in each game so obviously missed calls are part of the game but I do feel that each one of our refs know the rules extremely well and explain each of their calls whenever asked in a polite manner.

As for the grass, I agree with you that Donevan wasn't great this year as far as grass goes but when you are using school fields these things can happen.

You say you "pay all this money" well I haven't done too much research on it but in this league your cost is roughly $80 - $100 per player. I play in another league in Whitby on Saturday mornings and the cost to play in that league is $50 for 9 reg season games and 3 play off games (our league is 12 reg season games and 1 - 4 playoff games depending on how you do) and they use players from the league to ref so generally you have to ref at least 2 games and all the games are reffed by fellow players with no refereeing training.

I hope this helps. If you have any questions or suggestions on how to improve the league please feel free to contact me via e-mail at oshawafootball@gmail.com or phone (905)213-3183.



Posted By: Free Agent

Posted On: Sep 28th, 2010
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Need a hug?

Posted By: i got fired?!?

Posted On: Sep 29th, 2010
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Sucks.... WoW! So the fields sometimes are not always in premium condition, but does that really matter?? Most of us that play in this league do it for the competition, to stay in the hunt as it were. I have, and do play in multiple leagues at different levels and frankly the OTFL presents one of the best mixes of talented and good natured athletes around. There are ex pros, ex collegiate athletes, guys that are super fast, and guys that just plain know ball. It's a good time and a worthy challenge every single week. At the end of the day this is a recreational league (all be it a very competitive one), You can't expect pro quality fields, camera men or cheerleaders... It is what it is. I for one am just happy to have a good quality league in the city that allows me to go out and compete against good opponents and have some laughs every Sunday during the summer as I get older. For a sub $150 registration fee per player, what more could anyone really ask for??

And to the exec... Between setting up allstar games, tournaments, introducing a woman's division, changing the divisional structures, and scheduling; I think you are doing a great job AND FOR FREE!!! Nobody is getting paid big bucks to make this happen, but week in and week out, we are all entertained and get to play a game we love.

So to any nay sayers out there, if you don't enjoy playing in this league then you should just not play here, because in the end, it really is just all about having fun, and if you are not, then the whole point is already lost. But believe me, if you think there is something better out there; a league that is better run or where there is much better competition... try some of the others, I promise you that from as far as St. Catherines all the way out to Kingston, the OTFL rivals them all as one of the best.

Just My 2 Cents!

Posted By: Interesting

Posted On: Sep 29th, 2010
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Well, it would seem as though the person raising this issue definitely played at Donevan and more than likely was from the 10:30 game lol

Posted By: Choked up

Posted On: Sep 30th, 2010
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Just got fired,

You're my hero.


Posted On: Sep 30th, 2010
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the guy who started the topic is a BIG TIME CLOWN!!!!

Posted By: Kelly

Posted On: Oct 2nd, 2010
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:) thanks guys!!!

We try our best to make everyone happy.. but evidently its impossible to please everyone... so as long as the masses enjoy what the exec works hard at providing, then its worth all the volunteered hours we put into it! :)

But as it was stated, if anyone ever has any input or questions about anything -- find Mike Rafuse (QB for Buckeyes) as he is the player ambassador - and therefore he is the voice of the players... He will address your concerns with the rest of the Executive.. or feel free to discuss matters with Scott directly (QB Hawks)...

just dont come to me... i dont really give a shit..

:) okay... im kidding.. im just always where scott is - so theres really no need to come to me, when scotts also there.. being that he is the bigger kahuna.

so once again.. thanks for your support gentlemen!

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